Fairy Tail High

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"Carlene you're going to be late for your first day!"

"I know Pa, hold on!"

Ah, first day of high school. Fairy Tail high is very well know and I'm excited to be going there. Colleges will definitely pick me because of it.

I run down the stairs to get all my school supplies, but before heading out the front door a grab the lunch my mom made for me.

As my dad drives me to this strange new environment, I get huge butterflies in my stomach. Then suddenly that feeling turns into worry.

"Pa? Are the seniors going to throw me in the trash can?"

I asked my dad this since my older sister told me what happened when she went to high school.

"No. They'll only boo you."

Eh that's not bad. As long as I don't get put in a trash can.

We arrive at the school.

"Bye Pa!"

I see a lot of older boys here. They kind of look like grown men since they already have beards. And everyone has a fairy tail tattoo somewhere on their bodies.

I walk to the spot I was planning and meeting a few friends.

"Hey Carlene, are you ready to be an official member of Fairy Tail? We get our tattoos first period." One of my friends asked when I walked up to her.

"Hell yeah! I'm ready!"

The bell rings to signal that it's time to get to class and we all say our

This is my first story so bare with me.

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