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Argh!ang sakit ng lalamunan ko.What the hell happened?

Tinignan ko ang orasan,7:12 a.m na pala.8 am pa pasok ko.

Ang sakit talaga ng lalamunan ko,nauuhaw ako,kaya pumunta ako sa kitchen saka lumapit sa fridge para sana uminom ng tubig pero naka isang bottled water na ako pero parang wala pa rin,uminom ako ulit pero uhaw pa rin.Argh!!ano ba to?!

"Butler Yu!"Tawag ko sa kanya, hindi ko alam ang nangyayari sakin the eff!!

"yes milady"nakayukong sabi nito.

"Anong schedule ko ngayong araw?"Tanong ko.Kelangan kong ilibang sa ibang bagay ang sarili ko.

"Uhh...may klase po kayo ng 8:00 am to 3 pm. May appointment po kayo sa mga new investors,mag sasign po kayo ng contract sa mga bagong branch niyo po sa europe at australia,at mag tetrain po kayo ng mga bagong salta"What?

"Hatiin mo ang schedule ko,masama ang pakiramdam ko,ibukas mo nalang yung ibang hindi ko magagawa ngayong araw."I said saka bumalik sa kwarto saka ginawa ang morning rituals saka pumunta ng school.


Butler Yu's PoV

I'm afraid and worried for Milady.Nagsisimula na ang mga itinakda.And I know that she's not ready for that and she might freak out.I don't know how to open up on her,she's so cold and yet mysterious.There's something on her that you'll be scared of.

And that's the reason why she lives unpeacefully and brutally after that incident.

She even killed her parents because of it.And I'm afraid that it might happen again.Can't take it anymore.She's getting dangerous every single day passes by.Can't imagine the scene that sparer killing brutally other jerks/brats and bitches,and them begging for help,begging for their lives.

One of the reason why sheilla died is because the villain thought that she's her weakness.But they're wrong, because of what they did,they made her more scary,creepy and more mysterious,you can't predict or tell what's on her mind.They let the sleeping demon inside her wakes up.

Magugulat ka nalang kung anong gagawin niya.One of the example is when she murdered her parens at the age of fifteen,and yet she didn't regret it.She even looked so happy that time.She look like she's relieved after what she did. She's really so unpredictable.

And by her looks,you'll thought that she's so innocent and have a warm heart,but when you know the real her,you'll regret for knowing her.

That's the reason why she doesn't have a friend.They are scared,because she might kill whoever who pisses her.Argh!!I don't know what to do !How can I tell this to her if she's acting like she's the queens of all queens of demons?! How can I explain things to her if she keeps on making me feel goosebumps when she's with me?!Argh!!this is so frustating!!honestly speaking.

*kriing kriiing

The telephone from the portal is ringing so I answered.

"yes sir good morning....The sign is starting to show up sir....yes sir I will...No sir....She's in her school sir...studying and ruling her school sir...yes sir...I will sir...Take care sir...bye sir"Then the line went off.

Hays...I hope everything would be fine though it is too impossible specially to her situation she's right now.

I really hope so...

Zellea's PoV

"what the hell is wrong with you bitch?!Di mo ba ako kilala?! ha?!sagot!"she said and was about to slap me but I stopped her.She's so irritating!I want to yell at her and kill her but I remained silent,and we are actually collecting attention from the other students and staryed on murmuring something shit.

"A-ANO BA?!BITIWAN MO NGA AKO!ANO BA?!"she said while trying to loose from my grip.And as what I'm thinking right now, she's trying to escape from her fate and that is to die.Everyone knows who I am,as what I am.But this girl,this girl is so brave.I admire her for that.But I have a plan on this bitch.

"Don't worry bitch,I won't cause no harm to you.I just wanna be your friend,your so brave and I wanna train you,you have a potential"I said then smirked.I heard the gasps from our viewers but I didn't care anyways and brought her to my house.

I also called Butler Yu to prepare the training room.

" I know you'll enjoy this"I said to the bitch beside me then smirked,she became silent when I told her that'll train her.Nervous maybe?

I've noticed that she became so quiet.Maybe reminiscing her happy moments?saying her goodbye through her mind?thinking on how I'll train her?or planning on how to kill me?.Uhh.Please remind me to be scared later so I can Act.I'm so excited.

I handed her my phone,she confusingly stared at me like I did something unbelievable but later on she accepted it.I was busy driving when I heard her sobs.She might be scared like a little pussy cat right now.Awww.She must be.

"Butler Yu"I called butler Yu to assist my visitor and brought her to my training room where my babies are.

I changed my clothes first,but suddenly,I smelled something delicious,something that I know I can't resist.But suddenly I again felt the thirst that I felt last day.I followed that smell.

Arghh!I'm so thristy!!

I didn't know how but I came in an instant in my training room.What the?

"Milady"tawag sa akin ni Butler Yu.I was about to say something but I smelled that sweet scent again.

Sinundan ko iyon,but it turns out na galing iyon sa bitch na to.What kind o f smell is that?

I breathed in.Deep breath.

But one thing crossed my mind.

Nakalimutan ko ang pakay ko dito sa babaeng to.

Lumapit ako sa mga equipments.I decided to use my favorite dagger.May nakaukit dito na sparer,may gold linings sa hawakan pati na sa blade.

I faced the bitch,Kasabay din niyon ang pamumutla ng mukha nito.

"*gasp*s-spar-rer....p-pl-plea-ase...s-sp-spare my life..."maluha luhang sabi ng babae.But I want her blood.

"Blood"I coldly said.Lumapit ako sa kanya.

Una kong pinagtuunan ng pansin ang bibig niya.Masyadong maingay.Hiniwa ko ang mga labi niya,sunod ang gilagid,saka isaisang tinanggal ang mga ngipin niya,she screaming and begging for her life.Ahh!She's so loud!

Kaya ang dila niya ang sinunod ko,hiniwa ko ng maliliit ang lahat ng ito.But she's still screaming...wrong move.

Inilapit ko ang mukha ko sa leeg niya,brushed the tip of my nose.


And I know...

I felt the sudden movements in my eyes...

What the hell is happening to me?

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