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While Fox and Whiskey are asleep I go downstairs in the kitchen to prepare our breakfast. After that I go upstaires again and take a quick shower. I feel how the hot water makes it's way down my skin and start to wash myself with our soap. It's not going to cover my Vampiresent. I wash my hair and go out of it again, to wrap myself into a towel. As I finished drying myself I go outside onto my balcony to see that it's full moon out there. I suddenly hear a howling wolf. They probably just found Sam. I smile at the thought of it. He's not going to bother us any time soon.

There is a growl and it's very near. I walk to the end of the balcony and see the whole wolfpack standing down there and looking at me. I run into the living room to get my coat and my sunglases. I put them on and make my way back to the balcony. Shirts are overrated anyway. I jump of the Balcony to land exactly infront of a wolf.
"Don't even try to deny that it was you who has hurt Sam you fucking bloodsucker." Phil growls and stares at me.
"Don't worry I don't want to deny it, but just so you know my sister helped me. It was actually here idea." I tell him with a smirk on my lips.
"By the way he deserved it he tried to keep her away from me!", I growl.
"She should keep herself away from you! She belongs to us not to you." Phil says.
"I'M HER BROTHER." I scream and look him deep in the eyes.
Phil makes an derogatory noice and comes closer to me.
"It's really bright out here isn't it? Good thing you wear these sunglasses wouldn't want you to be blinded right? What? Don't you want to show them to us? Are you scared?", he says while walking around me.
"Why is a damn dog like you interested in my eyes?"
Phil stops right infront of me.
"Come on take them off. Show us your evil."
I'm a bit confused but take them off anyway. I let my eyes closed at first but at the time my sunglasses are off I open them and a few wolfes have to back away a bit. Phil growls.
"You bloodsuckers are disgusting cowards!"
"Says the one who took an army here to kill me."
He growls loudly at me and then comes to me again.
I lay my hand on his head and shoot a lot of volts through his body. He stiffens so I let him go and he falls to the ground.
"What did you do to him." screams one of the wolfes.
"Just a little shock. Don't worry he's gonna wake up soon, but I'd be carefull if you're going to annoy me again I turn on full power and I'm not sure if you'll wake up again!" I growl amd they back away again.
You notice that they have absolutely no experience. I put my sunglasses back on and break the eye contact.
"Now take your friend and fuck off, before I get really angry."
They take him and pull him into the woods again. I smile and run to the house to jump back on our balcony. I go back in there and take my clothes off. As I crawl under the blanket to Fox and lay down behind her I'm as carefull as I can to not wake her up. She turns around in my arms to cuddles herself into my chest. I really don't know how she can sleep on me my body temperature is barely over five degrees.
I hold her tight to my chest and stare at the ceiling. Suddenly I feel a cold nose on my arm and turn around to be greeted by big puppy eyes. Whiskey stands there and tries to crawl under my arm. I smile and lift it a bit to make it easier for him. He gets excited and cuddles with me as well. After he licks over my chest he even falls asleep on me. I giggle a bit and start to calmly stroke him. I don't need more in my life than the things I have right now.

The sun is about to rise again a few hours after they fell asleep. Whiskey slowly wakes up again and looks at me just to stand up, walk onto my upper body and start to lick over it. I have to contain myself not to laugh and wake Fox up. Whiskey then lays down on my chest again. He lays his head on his pads and looks at me with big eyes. I smile at him and hear how Fox's heart rate rises as she wakes up.
She turns to me and looks at me with sleepy eyes.
"Morning.", she says while yawning.
"Morning did you sleep well?"
"Yeah think so."
"Good stand up, I've made breakfast."
"French toast."
Fox grumbles a bit and closes her eyes again.
"Hey don't fall asleep again!"
Fox grumbles again. I stand up and pull the blanket off of her just to pull her out of the bed on her legs afterwards.
"Hey!!" she screams.
I laugh at her and help her to stand up from the ground.
"Jesus I can't even sleep with you in the house." she says sounding pissed and goes into the bathroom. While she's in there I go to our other bathroom to get Whiskey's dog saliva off of me. By the time I have finished I go back to the kitchen to find whiskey already there. Sitting on his place. I start making first him and then Fox something to eat.

She come downstairs after a while. Just out of the shower and she looks a bit more awake then a few minutes ago. I hand her her plate and she starts eating it happily.
Not long after breakfast we are starting to get ready for school. We're gonna drive with my motorcycle again.

Todays first lesson is biology... great. I sit down at my usuall seat where my classmate already sits. As I sit down he looks at me through his big ocean blue eyes with a bit of green in the middle and grins.
"Hey we haven't really got to know eachother yet. I'm Niall." he says and holds his hand out to me.
I look at him and shake his hand slightly.
"Hey Niall."
"Welcome to Dublin if you're in search of friends your very welcome to hang out with me and my friend Sean. That's the idiot in the front." he says and laughs.
His laugh is weird. Who laughs like this? Literally no one. Okay we can forget him. I shake my head and turn to the teacher.

"Hey did you hear that the classmate of your sister suddenly disappeared? That's mad dude. Sometimes people just disappear here and no one ever finds them."
"Do you always talk that much?"
"..No... not when I eat." he laughs.

I somehow have to laugh with him. His laugh is so contagious.
Maybe I can use him to get some information about someone. I'll just ignore him when I don't need him. I bet he dyes his hair. I can smell the color.

Niall starts talking about something. My brain shuts down and I wait until the lesson is over. As soon as we hear the bell ring Niall is the first to stand up.
"Nice to meat you Alex I'm going to the cafeteria there are mashed potatoes. See ya mate." he says and pats on my back to run to the guy whos name is Sean. Niall pulls him in the direction of the cafeteria. I just shake my head. Weird little fella. I stand up myself and turn to Fox who already stands beside me and waits. She lowers her voice a bit and comes closer to me.
"Well looks like you already choose your next snack right?"
I just look at her and shrug. I pack my things into my bag.
"That guy never stops talking once he started I'm telling ya."
She laughs at me. We go out of the class room and I hear this laugh again. I see Niall at the end of the corridor with his mate while they are laughing about something. I shake my head again and go with Fox outside, where Daniel comes over to us.
"Hey." I heard. "What you did with Sam was impressive, we could use someone like you." he says and grins. I look at him through my sunglasses.
"Firstly that wasn't me that was US and secondly I don't want to be in your gang or whatever you call it so fuck off."
"Fine but you'll regret it."
"Yeah sure I will now go."
They just shrug and then walk away smiling. I'd be interested in what they are laughing about.I just decide to ignore them and continue my school day.
Fox takes a seat on my Harley and we drive home again after it ended. Whiskey was already wagging his tail excitingly,
"Hey Whiskey! My cute little dog. You're a good little boy aren't ya? Yes you are." I say whilst stroking him wildly.
"Such a good boy."
"Whats wrong with you?" Fox asks laughing.
"Nothing. I just love my little dog."
Fox goes to put her jacket away and then comes back to look at Whiskey. He bows down a bit and backs away from her. I look angrily at her.
"Oi don't bully my dog."
She laughs and runs away. I smirk and catch her in the next second with my arms around her to lift her up and spin her around.
"Let me go! Stop it!", she says through laugher.
"No. You bullied my dog now you're gonna be punished." I say pretending to be serious.
I throw her up in the air. She screams and I catch her again.
She blows a few strays of hair out of her face and looks angrily at me. I laugh and let her down. She grumbles something and goes upstairs. I laugh and look at Whiskey.
"Are you up for a walk?"

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