Revenge & Older Brothers

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Cecily's POV:

I walked down the hallway with my newfound confidence, thanks to Sam, Tina, Katie and Issys help. I made a left so that I was in the older building because I needed to be alone for a bit, just so that I could process my thoughts and just take a breather. I looked over the edge of the porch area and stared out over the football pitches. I heard the bell ring for second period and quickly went back to the locker area and went to get my stuff. I was looking down as I was walking and suddenly I walked into something and I fell backwards onto the floor. That something ended up being a someone and he quickly knelt down to help me pick up my stuff that was now scattered around the school corridor.

"Sorry about that" He said with a smile

"Oh no it was my fault, I haven't seen you around before are you a new student?"

I began to look over his face and my eyes were instantly drawn to his hazel coloured eyes. His eyes were the thing that stood out about him.

"Yeah actually my brother goes here, I just transferred" He said smoothly

"Do I know him?" I asked curious as I could have sworn I'd seen him somewhere before.

"you might my brothers name is Jake Matthews I'm his brother Parker"

"oh but you don't look the same he has green eyes doesn't he?"

"yeah, I'm adopted he younger by 2 months."

I looked at him one last time before turned around about to leave but he grabbed my wrist lightly and said,

"hey don't go yet, I never got your name"

"My name is Cecily, and I'm sorry but I have to get to class."

"Well then Cecily may I do the honour of walking such a beautiful girl to her class?" He said while holding out a bent arm, just like the princes and knights in shining armour do in the movies.

"Yes you may" I said with a wide grin plastered on my face as I took his arm.

"Now where are we heading malady B block or C?" He said with a smle creeping onto his lips


I began to study his face, he had those hazel eyes and messy brown hair, my gaze travelled down to his strong arms which was holding mine.

"Is this it here" he said smiling down at me

"Yeah can we meet up again some time?" I asked hopeful that the answer would be a yes

"Yeah sure here's my number" He said while taking out a red pen and writing his number on the palm of my hand. Suddenly the bell went.

"Well that's my cue." I said trying to manage a smile because I really wanted to stay an talk to him but I had to go to my physics lesson. Yay I thought while rolling my eyes. I walked into physics and when our teacher Mrs Velma started droning on about vacuums and air compression I couldn't help but ay dream about the cute new kid. Before I knew it I was being called on for an answer to a question on the board, as I was at the back of the class every single kid n that room turned around to look at me. Being the secret nerd that I am I knew right away that the answer was number 4 and not 2, Mrs Velma looked slightly confused when I got it correct but she continued on with the lesson. As the bell went for end of physics and I picked up my belongings.

The whole of grade 12 was called to and assembly over the loud speaker. We all filed into the auditorium and took our seats. I looked along the row of grade 12 and spotted my friend group. I shuffled down the row and sat with them. Then to my horror I looked in front of me and three rows in front of me I saw Zoe sitting with Jake and they weren't just sitting there they were only holding hands when I entered but Zoe turned to look at me, smirked, turned back to Jake and proceeded to begin a make out session right before my eyes. I sat there open mouthed and just stared, thank goodness the head entered the room and began to talk because after that point they stoped.

"Good Afternoon Ladies"

"Good Afternoon Mrs Antonio" we all said in unison

"Today I have the pleasure of informing you where and when you will be going on your year 12 final trip."

Everyone began to cheer and chatter about what they thought it was.

"I heard we are going camping this year" Whispered Tina

"Enough girls! This year you will be going on a camping trip."

Everyone started to cheer again

"Ladies Hush! This trip will take place next Monday and on the following Monday you will leave. Now go home and tell your parents they should get an email with the details of the trip. Good Afternoon Girls"

"Good Afternoon Mrs Antonio"

"Thank you girls you may leave from the side wings of the auditorium"

We all made our way out, I grabbed my bag and began the walk home, with a stop at 7/11 for a slushie to cool me down. When I got home I went straight to my room and opened my laptop to check facebook and all that fun stuff. I opened my Instagram to see a picture of Zoe showing everyone what she was wearing for her date with her ' Jakey'. I mentally groaned at the thought of them being all lovey. I dug around in my bag and got out my phone and coped the number that Parker wrote on my hand an made a contact for him. I contemplated whether or not to hit the call button but after five minutes I just hit it and pressed the phone against my ear and heard the ringing until he actually picked up,

"Hi there! I'm Cecily from earlier"

"Oh hi Cecily nice to hear from you"

"Sorry I've got to go but do you want to meet up before school tomorrow?"

"Sure see you then bye!"


I sighed and placed my phone on my bed. Oh my god thought what am I gong to wear?!

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