Chapter 9

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Well that's my crazy day for you. I am now waiting on a bus home. It's 4 o clock and pouring down with rain. I sigh. At least I've got three new friends and not under the illusion that Fred, Karl and Georgia were my friends. Sydney, Evie and Jenny are nicer friends than they'd ever been! Except from Fred. I don't think any of him can make up for that. When I was at the table, we talked a bit about ourselves and then exchanged numbers. I was, and still am, really upset about my fake friends though. To be honest, I was stupid enough to think we would actually last forever! But, we all know now, I was terribly wrong. I though if we ever fell out, we would all make up again the next day. I really, really don't think we'll ever make up again. Georgia's text comes back to mind. I'd never ever known she'd actually speak like a true popular girl. I remember the nerds we all used to be and what we are now. For starters, I haven't changed! Fred's hair has changed, personality, lost his glasses, he's now hopeless at school and he always gets involved in trouble and has been sent to our deputy head, Miss Barger, too many times! Karl isn't quiet anymore, he looks different, he always gets in trouble and is disgraceful at maths! He used to be better than me by far! Georgia used to be sweet and kind, that's obviously changed, she texts so much different now but I don't know if she looks different cause I found out earlier today in school, she took the day off to see The Vamps live in Birmingham! Without her parents permission! So her behaviours obviously went downhill. I just don't know how they magically decided together to turn against me and become popular,. And not even invite me to be popular with them! They've just like took a boat to CoolKid Island and left me stranded in Geek island all by myself. Sydney,Evie and Jenny aren't geeks but I would prefer them too be. They re nice and smart but not too geeky. They're not like me. But we like each other and that's the main thing. I'm glad I've got friends now and guess what?! I made up with gran. I am home now and so is she with Auntie Rachel and her newborn son Michael. I'm in my bedroom, curled up with Munchkin at my feet.
Everything's turning kind of back to normal....
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