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Crazy is normal

Just another normal day at the park. Nothing special going on, no one to visit, no where to go, just a relaxing day at the park.

Cry was taking a walk in the park, trying to clear his head. He had been really busy lately with work and such, it was driving him crazy.

Not only was Cry stressed but he was also alone. He wish that somebody could talk to him, be with him. Even if it was just for a day.

He heard rustling behind him, swiftly turning around to see who it was.

"Hello?" No response was heard. Assuming that it was the wind he headed back to his walk-

"HI!!" A man suddenly appeared in front of him. Cry tripped backwords, wondering where in the world did this person come from.

"Oops sorry. Guess I gave ya a bit of a fright huh?" The man smile, leading a hand for Cry to grab.

"Yeah you did." Cry said, grabbing his hand and being lifted up by him.

"Well at least you didn't die from a heart attack." The man chuckled. Cry chuckled as well. Even though he didn't know him, he did enjoy this mans company.

"Oh I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Sean, but all my friends call me Jack. And I'm guessing that you thinking I'm from Ireland right? Cause if you are, then your absolutely correct." He smiled woth a thumbs up. How did Jack know that Cry was thinking of that?

"Nice to meet you Jack. I'm Ryan."

"Ryan huh? that's cool."

"Yeah? Well thanks I guess. How come you're here?"

"Oh I just moved in laddie. Came here to be near work. You see imma youtuber." Cry was surprised from this. You see, meetings other youtubers at this place was kinda rare here.

"No way. Same with me. What's your channel?"

"JackSepticEye. Like a boss!! How about you?"


"Wait...You're Cry?!?! Oh my god it's nice to finally meet you!!" Jack jumped up and down in happiness. Cry was kinda finding it funny.

"I guess you're big fan huh?"

"I totally am!! You're really awesome you know? I really like your Cry reads series. They are wicked."

They talked for a while, just enjoying each other's company. Cry somehow felt something for this irish guy. Was it love?

"Hey um...Cry?"

"Yes Jack?"

"Is it true that you're a pansexual?" Cry froze at the question. Where did he- oh nevermind. Cry remembered that he spoke about it on a livestream once.

"Yes it is. Why do you ask?"

"Oh it's nothing important. Just wanted to check."

"What about you?"


"Are you gay or something?"

"Yeah I'm gay. BUT ITS OK TO BE GAY!!!" Jack started to sing. Cry laughed at his funnyness.

"You are Crazy."

"So what? I like being crazy!!!" An alarm was heard from Jacks pokect.

"Huh...oh sh#t I have to meet one of my mates at a party."

"Do you need to go?"

"Yeah. I wish I could stay longer." Cry looked at him with a sad smile. He really didn't want him to go.

"Hey Jack. Here's my number." Cry passed him a piece of paper he had in his pocket with his number on it.

"Call me when you're free. We can called it a date."

"Really? For real?!?!"

"Yeah. Call me."

"Oh my god thanks Cry. You are the best!!" Jack gave Cry a one big hug. Cry smiled and felt his warmth against his. Yep he definitely wants to see him again.

Am I like the only one that thinks about these ships?!?! Come on they don't have to work together all the time to get shipped you know? We must release our inner fangirl!!! Haha I don't know what happened there.

Ka ki te ano.

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