Ranz met his soulmate!

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There was a girl name Num.
Si num ay no friends. But one day yung nakita nya ang manga Chiser sa youtube she post a vidio that mabye chiser will like. Other day its morning tapos klase pa she run pero swerte kase nakita nya si ranz,owy,oliver,biboy,cav,ully
She run fast pero yung nakita nya si ranz she slip and ranz catch her ranz. And ranz shake the girls hands and sa "Hi im ranz.And you are?" And the girl said "Hello im Num" ranz make the girl stand up and Oliver,ully,biboy,cav,owy said Ehem "Hi"

Num:What is the meaning of that?
Ranz:Nothing -_-
Num:I need to go!
Ranz: oh okay bye.

Num is blushing when she go to the school... Lunch time ranz go to Nums school and all her clasemates are shouting but Num is alone in the tree. But ranz is walking to Num *walking* "Hi num rember me?" Ranz said "yes i rember you hi ranz"said num and ranz sit in the side and num is blushing you know " KILIG"

Ranz:why are you alone?
Num:i have no friends
Ranz:oh sorry
Num:ok lang
Ranz:maka tagalog ka pala pinihirapan mo pa ako
Num:(laugh) sorry
Ranz:pwede ba kita makita mamaya after class
Num:oo cge
Ranz :smile
And oliver,cav,owy,biboy,oliver said ayiiieee <3
Ranz Dont mind them -_-
Num haha ok
Ranz 4:30 whe met in the court
Oliver:ranz tara na
Owy: kanina ka pa jan eh
Ranz:oo na sandali susunod ako
Biboy:ehhemm tara na wag nyo muna e destorbo
Cav:oo nga bye ranz doon lang kami
Ranz: cge
Num: ok na bye ranz need to go:)
Ranz: ok see yah! ;)
Oliver,owy,cav,ully,biboy: ehhem ranz kayo na?
Ranz: baliw friend lang kami (blushed)
Oliver oo na cge aalis na tayo
Owy:ranz ligawan mo mamaya
Ranz:oo mamaya kaya nga nilapitan ko
Oliver:good luck
Cav: open the car door
Biboy: good luck ranum
All: Laugh
Ranz: -_-
All: joke lang....... Tama na asar na kay baby ranz haha
Ranz: oo na ah..!!

The time was fast other day yung natapos na ang school. Num go in the court its stange kase walang tao
Owy,oliver,biboy: hi num
Num hello :) bkt walang tao?
Biboy: put this in your eyes (blind fold)
Num: bkt?
Oliver: Lagay mo nalang;)
( Owy guard in the step )
Ranz,cav,ully setting the suprise
And ranz put on the big cartolina *will you be my girl friend*
Num got in the room and oliver remove the blide fold in her eyes and say "WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND" and num is schoked said " Yes "

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