Chapter 34

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I've just returned home from my therapist. The session was good. We discussed my cutting problem. But now I need to talk to Anthony.

"Um Anthony, can you come to my house later today? It's kind of urgent." I call him over the phone.
"Sure, where do you live?" Anthony asks. As if he didn't know. He knows exactly where I live.
"Oh I'm across the hall from Dan and Phil. See ya later." I say before ending the call.
My apartment is a mess because David stayed over. Him and Ian are perfectly fine don't you worry but he needs his girl time.

I decide to clean my apartment before Anthony came over. Since David left it like a bomb had hit. I would invite the lads over but I'm not in the mood. I need to clean my house.

After about an hour of cleaning I get hungry. So I decided to make a sandwich and get Taco Bell later. Hmm Taco Bell sounds nice right now.

In my madness of making a sandwich and cleaning my apartment I decided I want a dog. I asked the landowner and he said ok. Celebrations. I go online and pick out a corgi. I'll collect him tomorrow.

Knock knock

"Come in" I yelled.
"Laura, you wanted to speak with me?" Anthony asked.
"Oh yea. I wanted to apologise to you." I tell him.
"Well, I accused you of causing me to cut when it was me all along. I never felt good enough so I cut. You left me at the time that's why I thought it was your fault. Not mine." I tell Anthony, sadness washes over his face.
"I forgive you Laura" Anthony tells me bringing me in for a hug.
"Do you, do you really?" I questioned Anthony.
"I do"

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