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I'm sorry if I hurt anyone feelings with the previous 2 chapters but I'm still not healed from the ex friend and the words leave me alone wound deeper than any words ever will for all I get when I try to be helpful and talk to people I care about is
I gtg
I can't talk
Leave me alone
Just go away
I wanna give up

Me: I'm tired of it I'm tired of people hurting me and I'm tired of even caring anymore so if you wish to talk do it in rp form for awhile because I can't talk not without hurtful words coming out so just for now go

Bads: hey

Me: sup

Nyny: you feeling better?

Shiro:................ (I don't know what to put here for you sis)

Nolan: hey why am I here?

Me: because I said so

Nolan: yup okay cool so how is the characters devoloping?

Me: don't ask me to sad to think because thinking hurts *walks off waving* see you later guys I'm going to try to make myself feel better

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