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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 4

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Sam's p.o.v~
We stare at the guys who walk in. Smile lifts it's head and barks. Boy with a white hoodie and black hair looks towards me. "Umm... Hi." I say and trie to not laugh. "Sally, why are those girls here?" Tall man with no face asks. Oh! He is Slenderman! I tought. "Who cares! They're kinda hot, you know." Blond haired boy with green clothes says. He was staring at Sarah. "Can you please, stop staring at my pretty face thank you." Sarah says. She was smiling at the blond boy. I'm sure that he is Ben. I tought. "Ben, stop staring at the girls." Slenderman orders. Ben sighs and steps aside. "Sally. Explane this." Slenderman points at us. "Well, these girls run away from their homes and Jeff killed Sam's ex boyfriend." Sally starts. I try to not laugh, but I fail. I start laughing. "Sam!" Alesa says and thorws pillow at me. "Sorry! Sorry!" I say and stop laughing. "And then Sam's car broke and now they are here." Sally continues. "Why didn't you kill them?" Laughing voice asks. Laughing Jack! I tought. "Why would I kill my new friends?" Sally asks and hugs me. I hug her back. I hear Jeff sigh. "So can they start living here with us?" Sally asks and makes puppy eyes. Slenderman turns his faceless face towards us. "Why don't you go back to your homes?" He asks. "We don't want to." Alesa says. "Why?" Slenderman continues. "It's a long story." Max continues. "So can they?" Sally asks again. "Well, I don't mind." Ben says and winks at Sarah. "No one didn't ask you Ben." Jeff says and hits Ben. "You piece of shit!" Ben shouts back. "I think it would be cool." Boy with orange glasses says. "Ticci Toby!" I shout, but then I cover my mouth. Boy looks at me. "You're my favourite creepypasta!" I shout and smile. "Sam calm the fuck down." Max says and glares at me. I roll my eyes and smile. "That's nice thing to hear." Toby says. "What about me?" Ben asks. "I look at him confused. "What?" I ask. "Do you like me?" He asks. "I think you're pretty good." I say and smirk. "What?!" Ben looks shocked. "Hah! That's what you get for being such asshole!" Jeff shouts and laughs. "You!" Ben yells back. "Guys! If you wnat to figh go outside!" Slenderman shouts and points the door. Jeff and Ben stop yelling to each other. "So the question is, can we stay?" Max asks. "Well, I don't have problem with that." Slenderman says. If he had a face I think he would smile. "Thank you!" I shout. I stand up and bow. "Sam you're acting really weirdly." Alesa points out. "Tch, I'm me." I say and smile. Sarah laughs. "But we need our things." Max says. "We can help." Slenderman says. I look at Sally confused. She nods and I smile.

Sarah's p.o.v~
"That's my house." I say and point at the house with two floors. "I don't understand why I had to come with you." Jeff complains. We start walking towards the house. "I don't mind since I like your story." I say. "W-what?" Jeff ask confused. I laugh. "Forget. It's nothing important." I say and smile. "Umm... How are you going to get in?" Jeff asks when we stop in front of my house. Close to room's window is tree. I turn around and start climbing it. "You can stay there." I say and jump on the roof. I quietly sneak towards my window. I lift my window open and step in. In my room was warm. All things were on their right place. I quietly walk to my closet and open it. I start packing my clothes in my bag. Suddenly I hear foot steps coming closer to my room. Shit! I tought. I hide in the shadows. My room's door opens. I press my body against the wall and stop breathing. Door closes as fast as it opened and the person walks away. Thank god! I tought and continue packing. "Where's my laptop?" I whisper and start look around. I saw ny laptop on my bed and take. I saw my schoolbooks on my desk. "Meaby we can...." I whisper again. I start packing them too. "I think I'm done." I whisper. First I push my bag out from my room on the roof. "Jeff!" I whisper shout. I step out and close the window. "Jeff!" I whisper shout again. "What?" I hear him ask. "Take this!" I push my bag off the roof. I hear thump and swearing. I laugh little and jump on the tree. I climb down next to Jeff. "Sorry." I smile. "Why didn't you warn me?" Jeff asks pit angrily. "Sshh. Be quiet!" I say and put my finger on my lips. Before Jeff could continue, lights came on in my house. "Shit! Let's run!" I took my bag and start running. Jeff follows me. After running we slow down on a walk and I start laughing. "Why are you laughing?" Jeff asks and looks confused. "Nothing." I say and smile. We continue walking to the Slender forest.

Max's p.o.v~
"So you live here?" Laughing Jack asks. We were in front of my house. "Sadly, yes." I say. Laughing Jack starts laughing. Sshh! You're going to wake up the whole street if you laugh that loud." I whisper. He stops laughing and looks at me. We walk to the front door and I try to open it. "Locked..." I mummble. I start walking to right. "Where are you going?" Laughing Jack asks. "To my room." I say quietly. My room was on the second floor next to my parents room. Below my room's window is ladder. "Wait here and take my bag when I throw it to you." I order. Laughing Jack puts candy in his mouth and nods. I start climbing the ladders. I try if m window is open, but it isn't. Just like I expect. I tought. I put my hand under the window ledge. I feel small and cold piece of metal on my fingers and took it. It was a small key. With that key I open the window and step in. I quickly walk to my closet and throw clothes, which I need, on the floor. Under my bed I took bag and put all the clothes in there. I look around and saw my laptop on my desk. I pack it too. Suddenly I hear foot step coming closer. I quickly hide under my bed. Under my bed was dust . Shit! Why didn't I clean this! I tought and hold my nose. MY room's door opens and someone walks in. I hear that someone yawning and then walk away. I wait few seconds and then quietly crawl out. I stand up and look around. I saw my schoolbooks on the floor. Should I... I tought. After few seconds thinking I pack them in my bag. "Laughing Jack!" I Whisper shout. "I'm ready!" He whisper shouts back. I throw my bag to him. When he caught it, I start climbing the ladders down. "Shall we go?" Laughing Jack asks. I nod and took my bag. We start walking to Slender forest.

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