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Hey guys, sorry for the late update, my internets been down! Hope this is okay for you, I'm not too sure if I like it. Anyway, enjoy!!
~Emma xxx

As I lounged by the pool, I thanked God that Alfie had suggested this little swimming pool meet up and that sunglasses were created. Gave me an excuse to secretly check out Alfie without him noticing and damn, Alfie looked good.

Zoe, stop it! He's your friend, my subconscious reminded me.

I shook those thoughts from out of my head and kept reading my magazine. Alfie would never think of me like that, we're just friends. Friends don't think about how attractive other friends look while their wearing nothing but swimming trunks.

"Zoe!" Alfie's voice called me out of my little daydream. I snapped my head up and looked to see where it was coming from. I sat up and smiled at him, resting my sunglasses on my head. "Are you not coming in?"

I really wanted to, I just couldn't. I feel so self conscious in front of him, I mean my unshaped legs and my stomach where you can clearly see my ribs... I'm embarrassed for him to see me. I'm lying with a towel over me so nobody can see my body.

"Um, I don't think so," I mumbled as Alfie pulled himself out the pool to come see me. He shook himself off, making water splash all of me and I squealed.

"Why not?" He asked, grabbing the towel that was over the top of me to dry his hair off. I gasped and Alfie looked confused. I grabbed it back and repositioned it on top of me before Alfie's wet hands could touch it. "Zoe!"

"What?" I whispered in my baby voice. I think Alfie's clocked on to my reason for not getting in the pool.

He sat down on the edge of my sun lounger and smiled at me, resting his hand on my foot. My heart leapt a little when he did this sweet gesture, of course I stayed really cool on the outside.

"Zoe, don't hide in front of me. We're friends, I won't judge you," He reassured me.

"But everyone else.." I whispered and Alfie shook his head.

"Zoe, if it makes you happy, do it! Don't care if other people are watching. The only reason they're looking is because they want to be you."

I shook my head but Alfie kept giving me a comforting smile. He reached for my hand and I was going to take it but then I hesitated. He sighed and then looked down at me.

"Zoe, you are going to get in that pool," He laughed. "You can do it one of two ways. One, you just come and get in the pool now with me or two, I throw you in. Your choice."

I didn't hesitate at that point. I put my sunglasses on my sun lounger and took Alfie's hand. I'd much rather get in a my own pace than get thrown in...

Alfie got in the pool first and I sat on the side.

"Is it cold?" I whispered, Alfie shook his head no and gestured for me to jump in. I sighed and then slid in. "Agh!" I screamed.

Alfie lied, the water was freezing!

I tried to pull myself back out but Alfie grabbed my legs and stopped me. I turned around and splashed him in the face, to get him back.

"It's bloody freezing Alfie!" I moaned, Alfie shaking off the water I'd just splashed in his face.

"You'll warm up to it little one, now just swim!" He laughed, taking my hand in his. I splashed him in the face one more time before laughing and swimming as fast as my little legs would take me. I could've easily been stopped when Alfie called me little one because everything inside me went all fuzzy but it didn't stop me.

I just wanted to play with Alfie and get to know him better.

"Do I smell or something?" Alfie joked, as he swam closer to me. "You just seem to run away whenever I get closer."

"It does smell a lot whenever you're around," I shrugged, ignoring his question about running away. "I don't usually let anyone close and then, nobodies ever tried hard enough to get closer."

I tried to lighten the mood again by splashing Alfie in the face when his mouth was open, causing him to cough. I turned around, trying not to look at his face because it would make me feel bad. Big mistake.

The coughing stopped so I turned back round and Alfie was gone.

"Alfie?" I called out, looking around the pool area for him. He was no where.

Before I could stop him, I felt a grip on my legs. I had just enough time to hold my breath before Alfie dragged me down under the water. I smiled as soon as I saw him and he began to swim away leaving wisps of bubbles to float into my face.

Once I'd recovered I swam after him, I found him but then had to come up for air.

"Chummy!" Someone shouted once my head poked up from the water. "I'm over here!"

I turned around to see Louise sitting on the side of the pool, sunglasses on her head. I swam towards her, forgetting about Alfie for the time being.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming to the pool? I would've come with you!" Louise smiled, I rested my arms on the side of the pool. "Are you here by yourself?"

I shook my head no and she tilted her head sideways, obviously trying to think of who I could be here with. It was pretty obvious in all honesty.

Before I knew it, felt a wave of water come over me. I squealed and Louise got up and moved away since the water hit her too. I didn't even have to turn around to see who it was, I just heard the signature laugh/cackle thing from behind me.

"Alfie!" Louise and I shouted in sync.

"Oh, sorry Louise! I didn't see you there," Alfie managed to say between laughing.

He swam beside me and placed his arms next to mine on the side.

"What about me?" I pouted, Alfie placed his finger on my bottom lip and put it back into place.

"You don't deserve one," He shrugged before swimming again.

I looked back round at Louise who was standing above me with her hands on her hips. She was smirking at me and giving me 'the look'. The look meant that she thought we liked eachother. We quite obviously don't we've just become really good friends quite quickly.

"Oh shut up chummy," I giggled before feeling a similar grip on the bottom of my legs and being dragged under the water by Alfie.

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