Where is my Senpai!?

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As Mio wondering where her Senpai is,she asked Jess where her Senpai is
Mio: have you seen my Senpai?
Jess: no sorry
Mio: thank you anyway

She tried asking lizzie( if that how you spell ldshadowlady's name )
Mio: have you seen my Senpai?
Lizzie: Sorry I haven't seen him
Mio: ok thank you

She tried asking Lumen
Mio: have you seen my Senpai?
Lumen: no,I don't even know what he looks like,so please go away from me
Mio: ok thanks
As she left , she saw a black figure behind Lumen and thought it was her bag

She asked the teacher but still have the same answer,she sat down until shelby came and asked whats wrong " I can't find my Senpai,What if someone stole him from me " she said in a worriedly " well,what does he look like " shelby asked
" well he has black hair,brown eyes and- I HAVE SEEN MY SENPAI! " she shouted,she ran up to Lumen holding a knife and said " YOU STOLE MY SENPAI!! " , Lumen shouted back that he asked her to hide him from Mio but ignored her and stabbed her in on the chest " You stupid thing " she said with pain,she stood up took the knife out and stabbed Mio the same spot where she got stabbed,Lumen died and Mio survived the stab,she went up to her Senpai and hugged his arm


Original can be found at Yandere Dev ( sorry no link )

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