First Day With The Uchihas

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-Sami's P.O.V-

I yawned and opened my eyes. I found myself laying in white bed sheets. Oh yeah. I groaned and sat up, standing and unzipping my bag that was still on the bed. I pulled out some sweats, a tank top and under wear. I got a text last night after I woke up to Sasuke making me go to my room, that school was canceled on Monday, which happens to be today. I don't know why, but I really don't care. I also grabbed my tooth brush, shampoo and everything else I would need to put in the bathroom. I walked to the door and opened it with struggle, because my hands were kinda full. Once I got it open, I walked down the hall to the bathroom. The door was open so I walked in, setting my stuff down. I closed the door and locked it, then turned the shower on. I stripped and stepped into the hot water. I scrubbed shampoo into my hair and washed it off, same with conditioner, then body wash. You know how showers work. Once I was finished, I turned off the water and hopped out, wrapping my hair in a towel, then my body. I dried off, then got dressed, then unwrapped my hair and brushed it out. I nodded at myself in the mirror, brushed my teeth, then walked out. I sleepily walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Itachi was making coffee.

"Good morning." I yawned, getting a mug from a cabinet and pouring myself a cup of coffee.

"Morning." He said. I took a few sips, "Isn't it a bit early to be up when you don't have school?" Itachi asked, drinking some coffee as well. I swallowed, then nodded.

"Well, Naruto woke me up by calling and saying that we were gonna go shopping today instead of Thursday. And I'm gonna need lots of time to pick out some clothes for him and I. But trust me, I'd much rather be sleeping." I explained, emotionless. Itachi nodded.

"You're not really a morning person I see." He chuckled.

"No shit." I answered. I heard a cough at the door way as Sasuke walked in. I turned my head and saw that he looked tired as fuck.

"I'm trying to sleep. Shut the fuck up." He growled.

"Someone's on her period." I said, smirking. He glared at me as I laughed, "Want me to pick up some chocolate for you? Maybe The Notebook? Some tampons?" I asked sarcastically. Sasuke grunted and walked past me to get some coffee.

"Why are you up so early anyways?" He asked while pouring his coffee.

"Naruto." Was all I said. Sasuke nodded, taking a sip. All three of us stood in a comfortable silence as we drank our coffee.

"Oh, Deidera's coming over later." Itachi finally said, turning to Sasuke. The younger Uchiha groaned.

"When?" He asked.

"In like an hour." Itachi responded.

"How long are you gonna be gone?" Sasuke asked, turning to me. I shrugged.

"A few hours." I said. He turned back to his brother.

"I'm going with Sam." He stated, making me almost spit my coffee out. I need to go bra shopping.... Fuck.

"Okay one, no one said you could call me Sam. Two, no you're not." I told him.

"One, I don't care. Two, yes I am. I'm not gonna stay here and listen to that idiot drone on and on about his stupid art." Sasuke spat.

"Then go somewhere!" I said, hand in the air.

"Okay, where are you going?"

"The mall...."

"I'll go to the mall then."

"GOD DAMMIT." I yelled.

"You need a ride, don't you?" He asked, putting his mug down. I didn't even think about that....

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