The Hospital

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••• Unknown Days Later •••

I wake up on a bed.. But not a normal bed... A hospital bed.. All I hear is "Beep... Beep... Beep" .... Am I okay?? Well of course not but what's going on! I can't feel my body! I start to freak out! Then a doctor comes

"Oh hello! Your awake!" She says

"Hi? What's going on?!" I say nervously

"Ohh, yeah about that..." The doctor says " you got crashed by a car... Well more like a ... Truck.."

"A TRUCK?!?" I scream

"Yeah, we think the driver was ... Drunk"

"Why can't I feel my body??" I say

"Your just num!" She says

"Am I okay?" I say concerned

"Umm, well I hope you don't mind wearing a cast..." She says "you broke your left leg.."

"What! No this is a dream! Pinch me!" I yell

She pinches me but I feel nothing.. Then she does it again this time I could feel it!

"... This isn't a dream is it?!" I ask, slightly annoyed

".."'she ignores me

"How long have I been here..?" I ask quietly

"What?" She asks

"How long have I been here?!" I ask, this time louder

"Um it's only been a week." She says

"WHAT?!?" I yell... Maybe I should have been a bit quieter

"Umm, I can't stay here all day, so umm your looking okay... Nothing hurts right?" She asks

"Umm no.." I say

"Okay good. Get some rest!" She says as she leaves the room

I close my eyes, and I feel tears fall down my face... This was all because of Alex. Because she had someone else.. Because she didn't care anymore.. This is ALL BECAUSE OF HER. I can't believe she would do that! For a guy.. Who was so rude to me! She betrayed me! That's all I can think about! Then I fall asleep until I'm awakened by someone who opened the door slowly, I'm guessing it's a doctor so I just try to get back to sleep. Then a familiar voice says my name and that's when I knew it's not a doctor... It was Alex

"Z..Zoey??" She asks as she almost tears up

I don't answer... I don't even open my eyes..

"Zoey! I'm so sorry! I can't believe what I did to you!" She says as she sobs on my shoulder "Please! Forgive me! I'll do anything!"

I still don't answer, but I slightly open my eyes. Then I feel her soft lips kiss me. I wake up

"Hello, stranger! How did you get in here? I don't know you!" I say as I giggle, but still slightly mad

She starts to laugh as she wipes off her tears. Then she kisses me. As we kiss I start to sit up, and she grabs my waist. Everything was different, I felt... Better. I wasn't mad or jealous anymore. Then I hear a knock on the door. But she doesn't stop. The door opens, and she doesn't notice. I bounce away because I notice it's.... Luke ... Her boyfriend...

"Get away from her!" He yells as he comes pulling her away from me "She doesn't like you!" He says as he's about to cry

"We never broke up! She was coming back for a visit! She never did, so I came to surprise her! Why would you ruin that?!" I ask in tears

"Bac.." He doesn't finish his sentence because Alex pulls him back before he can even touch me.

"Luke! Luke stop! I'm the one who started this! I do know her! She's my best friend! She was my girlfriend!"

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