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"So what exactly happened Jae" SunHi asked quietly

"Ha, I have no fucking idea... This is actually why I talked to y'all about this, cause I knew she would react this way. Honestly don't know what do." SungJae tighten his grip on steering wheel to the point his knuckles turned white in frustration Silence filled the car as music softly drifting through the silence

"I think we need to take a break," SungJae states quietly

SunHi wiped her head towards "WHAT!? are serious Jae?" She questioned in disbelief

"don't get me wrong sis I love Bri...I do but this isn't the first time she blew up on me like that and most of the time I haven't even done anything for her to act like that. "SungJae replied sadly

Still in shock with wide eyes SunHi stared at twin brother for felt like hours but really just a few minutes until the car stops completely. Sunjae grabs his bag  from the backseat, fidgeting with zippers of the bag, SungJae sighs softly before he could open the door SunHi speaks up.

" if you are absolutely sure that's what you really want to do twin, then do it. if not you need to think about it before you make any kind of rash decision okay, but do remember you only have till tonight to do so"
With that being said she climbed out of that car leaving SungJae in his thoughts

SunHi's POV

I walked into the house only to be greeted by my older brothers..... wrestling? If that's what you can call it. It really looks more like uncoordinated limbs trying to work with one another but failing to do so. Squinting I now realize the white with blue, red, yellow and green dotes on it lay a mat on the floor underneath them. Amused at that the scene in front of me I walked through the now empty living room while commenting on my YoungMin's SpongeBob underwear.

"Hey baby girl,"greeted Minhyunk

" hey Oppa, umm twister?" I point to mat on the floor
Minhyunk let out a deep laugh while nodding his head in response to the childishness of our brothers. He takes a sip of his beer, "I didn't know we had that until KwangMi  comes march down the stairs yelling about find something that's worth playing." Min shakes his in a amusement

  Eric comes through the front door just to throw himself onto YoungMin, KwangMi and DaeSoo only to cause them fall in a series of groans of pain fill the empty walls of the house.

"Damn it Eric get the fuck off"

"Why the hell would you do that you dip shit"

"Get your fat asses of me "


Laughing I placed my bag on the floor and sat next Min to lay my head onto his shoulder to watch my brothers make complete fools of themselves
"I-I... I have mixed feelings about going back, i mean who wouldn't be right?"

Min placed his beer bottle on the floor to get a better look at my " you don't want to go?" He questioned softly

" n-no I mean yea I want to but it's just the memories that still hunts me.... I know you and the rest of our brothers will make sure nothing will happen to me again and" My voice trailed off as my thoughts began to think of worse scenarios possible

"Hey hey, you have nothing to worry about okay Sunni? No one knows about us going except for my job that it" Minhyunk wrap his arms around me in a short warm hug before Kissing the crown of my head

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