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" Whats Good Everybody . First Let Me Start By Statin My Name Which Is Rico . I'm Fifteen Years Old and I Live Wit My Moms . Pops Walked Out On Us Bout Two Years Ago . We Stay In A Small Town Here In Chicago . No Flex I Ain't The Best Kid but I'm Just Tryna Make A Way . Lowkey We Strugglin , Shidd Everybody Out Here Is . But That's The Hood For Ya . I Smoke Good Weed With Dem Bad Bitches . Pop Molly and Sometimes Sip Something . Dats My Life Style Doe . Im Bout 5'5 and Im Light Skinned . I Got a Fye Ass Afro and These Hoes Love It . Anyways I Gotta Go Make This Jug . Fuck Wimme , Suwoop All Damn Day Ya Fee Me ? "

" Aye wassam my niggaz this ya boy Elijah . Juh coolin in the cut waitin on my brother to come fwm so we can do this jug . But I'm sixteen and i stay in Chicago by myself . Really wit my hood brother Rico . My moms and pops died almost four years ago . From a shoot out so i been in these streets waitin on revenge , on my soul . I fuck wit dem blood boyz or whatever . Im out doe get at me . "

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