Love at First Sight

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   "Ugh copper go back to bed.",copper would not stop running around and oinking and it was saturday.I was lazy and loved to sleep late but once im up im up so i got out of bed and opened my closet to see my new flannel that i was so excited to wear I slipped on a tank and some short ripped up shorts and put on my flannel and grabbed coppers leash and harness.Copper doesn't like her harness but it had to get on.I chased her around the room and finally had to tackle her i got it on and attached the leash.We walked outside and there was James as cute as ever I might not have described him but he has this tan skin with dark brown hair and these gorgeous auqua eyes.He had a companion and it was his horse named flash.He always was riding him.Once james let me ride him and taught me h ow to ride a horse he ride with me on flash.It was the best moment of my life.So me and james both have our own houses in our backyard so after flash pushed me off and I fell to the ground,covering me in dust.James took me back to his small house.I was shocked and didnt know what to say.Finally I said,"Uh...Uhh...sure...I um guess",so he picked me up in his strong arms and carried me back to his small house in his backyard and layed me on the bed.I fell uncontious and didnt wake up until night.I woke up and saw james next to me looking up at the ceiling.He saw me awake and turned to face me.I got up.He then asks

,"hey you wanna spend the night",Inside I jump for joy and call my mom that i'm having a sleepover with "Sarah" and of course she says yes because she wants me to make friends.So I grab some blankets and sleep on the floor it was nice.The next morning I went to the mini kitchen and saw him sitting there looking at a really old news paper.He said there was cereal and I couldnt deal with that.So I took the flour and made us pancakes.While we were making them he tackled me and I shoved the mix on his face and ran into the bedroom and he hugged me tight and we laughed.Then we got up and walked to finish what we had started and made the most delicious pancakes ever.Jason would not stop eating.We walked out the door and I headed home it was the best night ever since i think i just made my first accual human freind.

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