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After droping kian off i went to class and im glad matt wasnt in that class because what he did was....messed up but i dont deal with bullies and not on the 1st dat of schoo to like no .

After school matt texted me like 20 times

Matt- hello
Matt- haliey
Matt- im sorry
Matt- for they way i acted to day

And it went on and on and on untill kian texted me

Kian- hey
Haliey- heyy
Kian- so uh u mabey wanna...
Haliey- wanna?
Kian- hang out sometime?
Hailey- oh yeah that would be so fun
Kian- movie this friday ill pick u up at 9?
Haliey- yeah totally cant wait
Kian- lol when you relize its thursday
Haliey- lol forgot too
Kian- well gtg
Haliey- same bye kian
Kian -bye haliey

Theres something about him hes  adorable  and smart and his glasses fit him perfectly

Then theres conner franta hes awsome a popular jock and hes also perfect

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