He tells all of his friends that he's done the dirty with you ♡ E.D

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You and Ethan were hanging out at the park with Aaron, Jack and Grayson obviously.

"I'm gonna go and get some ice cream. What flavours do you kiddos want?" You asked them.
"CHOCOLATE!" Aaron and Jack said in sync.
"Pistachio!!" Grayson yelled.
"What bout you eth?" You looked down at him.
"Uh... Cookie dough?"
"Same as me!" You practically shouted.
"RELATIONSHIP GOALS!" Grayson imitated a girls voice.
"Be back in a bit boys!" You said whole walking away.

After you left, aaron turned to Ethan and said
"I saw you staring at her ass.." He said making Ethan blush hard.
"Can't I stare at my girlfriends butt bro?" He said trying to be cool.
"So have you two ya know?" Jack asked.
"Well uh.. Of course." Ethan said shrugging a bit.
They all gasped like little girls.

You came back with their ice cream and handed them out.
"So what did I miss?"
"Nothing!" Ethan quickly said.
"A juicy secret got revealed..." Grayson said smirking at you.
"Uh... Is that meant to be some type if inside joke?" You asked a little confused.
"We know you and Ethan made the deed.." Aaron nudged you.
Your eyes widened in shock. You looked at Ethan to see him tapping his leg nervously. You're both virgins but you guessed Ethan was just trying to be 'cool' in front of his friends.

"So what?" You say with a bitchy tone.
Ethan looked at you with a 'thankyou so fucking much you saved my ass' look. You smiled at him.

For the rest of the day, the boys kept quiet making sure not to insult you since you were the 'first' to lose your v card.

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