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  Title: Cancer

: *video Cam Recording on The Girl While She Is Sleeping On The Table*

Akane: *opens Her Eyes And See's Shu Video Cam* What Are You Videoing Me? *goes Back To Sleep*

Shu: *Continues To Video Cam Her*

Akane: *Opens Her Eyes And Still Video Cam Her* I Said Stop Video Cam Me! *Pushes Away Shu's Video Cam And Goes Directly To The Couch And And Slept Hard*

Then A Few Minutes Later, Shu Was Recording his Video And Trying His Best For Her..Then It Was Night Time.

Shu: *Sets Up There Dinner Together. While Recording With His Video Cam*

Akane: *checks IfShe Has Money In Her Puch*

Shu: *Looks At Her While Being Sad. Then Gives Her A Scarf*

Akane: What Are You Seriously Doing?! *Throws The Scarf On His Face And Walks Away*

Shu Was So Sad That He Couldn't Make Akane Happy While His Video cam Still Records On The Table.. Akane Left With No Regrets Of What She Did To His Husband... Then Akane Went To A Bar And Drink With Few Of Her Friends.. After A Meanwhile Shu Was Waiting For Akane To Come Back Home... Then it Was 4 am In the Morning And Shu's See's Akane Drunk Again... Shu Was Too Worried...

Shu: Where Have You Been And Look At You! Your Totally Hurt! *Gets A First Aid medkit*

Akane: Why Do You Have To Worry About Me So Much *Pushes Away The Medkit*

Shu: Is This What You Really Want! Get Beat Up And Leave Me Here While Waiting For You! Looks Like Your Not Making Your Life So Insecure *Argue*

Akane: *stays Silent*

After They Argued Each Other.. They Went To There Bed And Slept Without Looking Each Other... Then Suddenly Shu Coughs Hard.. Meanwhile Akane Was Worried No And Try To Hug Him... Shu Was So Coughing Hard And Try To Go To The Bathroom. While Akane Looks Sad.. Shu Coughs Hard Then Suddenly his Cough Turn To A Mere Nightmare Blood On His Hand...
Then It Was 7am in the Morning And See's Shu Not Beside Him On Her Bed... Akane Looks Around The House And Still See's Shu... Then A Mere Telephone Calls. Akane Picks Up The Phone Realizing It Was An Friend.. But It Wasn't... It Was A Doctor Call Saying That "Shu Is Here And Checks Up His Condition" Then Akane Was Shocked About The Doctor Said... Akane Get Her Car And Ran To The Hospital And See's Shu Walking Out...

Akane: Tell Me What Is Your Condition!! *Super Worried*

Shu: It's Nothing Really.. Let's Go Home Akane... *walks Away*

Akane: *grabs Shu Shirt* Tell Me! *Cries*

Shu: *Still Walks Away Then Suddenly Faint And Fell To THe Ground*

Akane: *see's Shu Fell And Called A Doctor Right Away*

After Shu Fell The Doctor Tell About His Condition.. It Was A Cancer And It's Started At Level 2 In His Condition... Akane Was So Shock About Shu And Cried Over HIm... Then It Was 3pm in The Afternoon, Shu Wakes Up And Looks At The Window While He Is Laying Down On The Bed. Akane Went In And Saw Shu Awake And Goes To Him... Shu Was Sad And Turns Away From Him... Akane Was Sad And Hug Him While He Is On The Bed...

Akane: I Am So Sorry For The Things That I Have Don To You... I Am Very Sorry That I Leave You And I AM Sorry For Everything That Wasn't Meant For You. *kiss Shu*

Shu: *Cries With Her*

So Shu Forgiven Akane Of What She Did... Day After Day Akane Always Been With Him. As She Read A Story With Him, Always Walking With Him, And Always Sleep With him... Then One Day Later Akane Telled That She Was Going To Buy Roses For Him... So Shu Accepted Him And Akane Left Off... After Akane Left Off And BOught A Roses For Shu... Suddenly'....

Shu: *Starts Coughing very Hard*

Doctor: *Came In That Shu Was Can't Take The Cough Off. Then They Call Help*

Akane: *goes In The Hospital. Then Doctor And Nurse Suddenly Rushes To Shu's Room And Akane Ran And Saw Shu's Coughing*

Shu: *Coughs And Blood Came Out*

Doctor And Nurse: Hang In There Shu *Tries To Help Shu To Stop The Cough*

Akane: *Outside Of Shu's Room And Crying To Stay Alive* Shu! SHUUUUUUUUUUU! *Cries For Shu*

So The Doctors And Nurses Tries To Help Shu... Shu Couldn't Stop And Died... The Nurse and Doctors Couldn't Revive Shu From His Death...

Doctor: I Am Sorry Akane.. We Couldn't Rescue Him.. We Are Very Sorry For His Death.. *pats her Shoulder And Leave Shu At His Bed*

Akane: *Walks In And See's Shu Lying on The Bed And Hugs Him* I Am So Sorry Shu. I Am To Late That I Came! *Cries Very Hard*

After Shu's Death.. A Video Was Left Beside Him. Akane Looks What He Was Watching..

Shu: Hello I Video Record This While You Were Gone. If You Get This Video, I Wanna Thank You So Much For Each Other Even If I Had No TIme To Be With You.. I Wanna Let You Know That I Will Always Be There For You And Always Support You. Thank You For Everything And I Want To Share There Moments That Was Left For Me *Showed Some Video Together*

Akane: Thank You Shu For Everything That You Did To Me.. *Hug You*

The End... What A Lost Of Her Heart From The One That Shu Gave To Him With All Of His Desires.. And Made Everything Perfect Even Though Akane Hated The Things That He Usually Did..  

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