Chapter 12

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Wow! Chapter 12 already :)
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I put my head on Newt's chest and he removed his palms from the grass behind him, to wrap his arms around me.
He laid down so that I was now on top of him, no longer straddling him.
"I love you, y/n. I always have and I always will." He whispered in my ear, once again, sending a shiver down my spine.
"I love you, too, Newt." I said back and my eyes started feeling heavy and I yawned.
"Sleepy?" Newt asked me and tilted his head to look at my face.
"Maybe just a little," I admitted slowly trailing off.
"Okay, let me take you back to the homestead." He said and sat up again.
"Okay." I said and got ready to get off of him, but instead, he picked me up, bridal style. I was way too tired to argue, so I let him carry me.
"Newt?" I called his name, with my head leaning in his chest.
"Yeah?" He replied.
"Can I sleep with you in your hammock?" I asked him.
"Of course." He said and kissed the top of my head.
I gave out a smile, which he couldn't see. Obviously, my head was still in his chest. But when I glanced up at him, he was looking straight back at me with his big, beautiful brown eyes.
"What?" I asked him.
"I said it once and I'm gonna say it again. You're so beautiful." He said and I couldn't take it and blushed, then looked away.
"I told you. You can't be shy." He whispered this time because we were back in the homestead and everyone was asleep.
He put me in his hammock then quietly got in next to me.
We were lucky his hammock was more singled out than the rest. As in, it was a bit farther than the others, giving him his own personal space.
Newt had his arm around me and my head was on his shoulder. I had my arms gently wrapped around his torso and I slept on my side while he was on his back, he pulled me close to him.
"Good night, Newt." I said to him.
"Good night, love." He replied and kissed my lips quickly, then shutting his eyes.
I did the same and I quickly managed to fall asleep.






The remaining gladers yelled and screamed as we ran through the halls of the WICKED facility, using stun guns on guards and doctors.
Aris was running with us.
Janson was running after us.
Newt. . .

We had lost many. . . But we still managed to make it.

Time seemed to slow down as I slid under the closing gate, with my friends waiting for me, on the other side. As I disappeared a large BAM rung out through the facility from the gate slamming onto the ground.
Then, blackness. I couldn't see anything. . .

It was just darkness. But a voice could be heard. . .

"You may have survived the maze, but you kids won't last one day in the scorch. . ."

Scorch. . .

Scorch. . .

Scorch. . .
Scorch. . .

Janson's words rang out in my ears.

"Scorch Trials!" I yelled out, as I sat up straight and panted heavily. I gulped and heaved a sigh of relief as I realized that it was just a dream.
"Darling, are you alright?" Asked Newt, worriedly.
He was already up and Minho was there with him, already with his running outfit and back pack
My breathing steadied slightly, but my heart was still beating rapidly, and I heard it in my ears.
I nodded slowly.
"Yeah. . . Yeah, I'm- um fine." I said and gulped one more time and wiped the sweat from my brows.
Newt put his hand on my forehead.
"Greenie, you're burning up!" He said, now pretty worried.
"Newt. I'll be fine." I reassured him and got up.
I tied my shoe laces and put on my wrist grabs, then put my backpack.
"Y/n, you can't go. You've got a high temperature." Said Newt as he followed me to the maze doors, which were still closed at this time.
"Ready Minho?" I asked him.
"Yeah. But are you sure you're okay?" Minho asked me.
"A hundred percent." I replied.
Newt followed us to see us off.
"I'll see you in a few hours. Okay?" I said and Newt nodded. He came over and gave me a hug.
"Don't worry. I'll be back." I whispered in his ear, which made him give out a smile.
Then, I heard the maze doors open and I let go of Newt and stood next to Minho. The second it was big enough for both of us to slide in, we ran through the large doors.
I felt Newt's watchful gaze on us, that is until we turned the corner.
Minho and I ran and ran all the way to section seven, which is a pretty long way, since it is the farthest from the maze doors of all of the eight outer sections.
About halfway to section seven, we stopped for a break.
"Minho. . . I've gotta warn ya; when we get to the blades in section seven, this red light will turn green and then the blades will close. So we've gotta get there quick and leave even faster. We just have to check it out, and we'll be out of this situation. No more running, no more grievers." I explained and he nodded.
"Look, Minho. No matter what happens, you'll always be my best friend." I said and held out my hand for him to shake, because I know, he has no memories of me.
Instead of shaking my hand, he hugs me tightly.
"I remember you." He said. And my eyes went slightly wider as I put my arms around his neck.
"You saved me from drowning. I was going to be killed and you broke the glass of the water tank I was put in. Then all of the water was drained and I fell out with it." He said
"We're the same age, got taken in by Ava at the same time. I was upset because I had just lost my parents and you comforted me. That's the day we became best friends." He continued his story.
"When did you remember this?" I asked him with a smile on my face.
"A few days ago, but I was worried about telling you. I thought you'd get weirded out or something." He said and rubbed the back of his neck.
"I wouldn't. If my best friend remembers me, I'd want to be the first to know." I said.
"Thank you." He said and gave me another hug.
"I didn't do anything." I said and we got up and walked I had an arm around his shoulders and he had an arm around mine.
We talked and laughed all lunch time and then ran the rest of the way, to section seven.

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