Chapter 10

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~~~Time Skip. 5 months later~~~

Jakes pov
"I'm not going to North Carolina just to kill her dad"

"Make her believe you care about her and kill her then"
Now would be a good time to mention winter. But he'd flip if he knew she was a frost.

"I can't I would be cheating on my girlfriend if I did and I'm not gonna do that"

"Since when have you had a girlfriend?!"

"7 months now. And I'm not gonna ruin our relationship because you want me to kill a girl!"

"You will do as I say!"

"You know what fine I'll hurt her if that will get you to shut up!"

"Kill and hurt are two different things Jake. And you know that!"

"Yea I also know you killed my mom after she became close friends with jacks wife!!"

"Shut up and just go before I ground you!"

I can't stand my father sometimes. Ugh sucks having to be two people your not. Vampire king and overlord of the dark. I'd rather just stick with being vampire king but whatever I know my mom only wanted what was best for me before she died but I guess you can't gave the best of both worlds might as well be the guy my dad wants me to be aka overlord of darkness ruler of fear.
Yea no that's not me. I'd rather sit on the couch with my girl and protect her from harm. Instead I have to be that harm I want to protect her from. Idk how I've managed to do it so far. But it's a good thing. I can't risk losing her.  Before I leave I always stop by to tell her how long I'll be gone and sadly I won't be back until a week before her birthday. I start heading to the castle and surprisingly she's outside with Austin and Lacey. I have really seen her talk to them much lately but that's also because I had been gone for a month. I walk over to her not know I was there and hug her.

"Ahh!! Jake omg you scared me" she giggled. Aww she's so cute.

"Sorry babe just wanted to say bye before I left."

"Aww your leaving again" she pouted.

"Yea sorry I'll miss you though" I hugged her and then kissed her cheek before leaving. This was going to to be a long 3 months.

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