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Reality approaches those who need it. Realize what's a stake here Dear child.

Del walks around through the stilts, wondering what's going in everyone's mind. And how easy it is for a silver to read someone's mind, or easily just manipulate it.

She wonders the castles features the beauty of it. And the secrets that are kept in those cracked bricks. What the royal silvers have hidden.

How easily Del can manage to get in there... If she just tries. If I am conscripted, in any way my power can be shown, and everyone can witness the abomination. But I can also be help. Help to them. Help to the reds.


Del stops in her tracks and looks back and see's a familiar face.

"Del, I'm so sorry. I really am."

Confused already, Del nods. "My grandfather." She answers already knowing.

The girl nods yes. "It was so recent, and you deserve the best life can give."

Del chuckles. "Laia.. I am alright." She lies.

Laia smiles and takes a step forward, she whispers something, but doesn't seem suspicious. "We don't have to get conscripted. There is this girl - named Fardley...wait no Farley, she helps people leave."

Del faces her confused. I am safe. I can be safe. I will be free. "I need to know more about this Farley." Del says normal toned.

Laia looks up at her and pushes her hands in the air signalling to lower her voice, "Shhh what are you doing, trying to get us caught. Or her. We don't even know her yet."

"That's why I need to know her, or more about her."

Laia continues walking, "How about you come to my house and I'll tell you what I know."


Del and Laia make it to her house as they walk inside Laia begins to talk. "So what do you want to know about her?"

Del looks around worried for anyone watching or any family members hanging around. "Any family home?"

Laia looks inside, "No my parents aren't here, but my youngest brother is - but we know he can't hear us he is to busy carving wood outside."

Del sits down on a wooden chair, she looks around the house, it isn't an upgrade of looks, it still looks poor. Wood peeling, the main area is a bit messy. "So what does she actually technically do- who is she?"

Laia sits down in another chair, "She helps people who are conscripted, she sneaks them out in cargo off somewhere. That's really all I know about her."

Del let's out a deep breath and looks around, "Great, all you know."

Laia looks at her with an upset woken face, "Hey Del, what do you want me to do. Tell you there is a chariot waiting for you outside to bring you to freedom and safety."

"No I'm sorry Laia, its just with my grandfather gone-" she quickly stops herself and changes what she is going to say "- my grandfather has always wanted the better for us. That's why he was killed for knowing what he thinks is right, or what is actually right." She breathes in and smiles, "I don't want to just leave, I want to make a difference for all reds." She remembers Gisa and how her hand was broken, and then remembers red blooded kids playing in the dirt with makeshift toys. How they all will probably be conscripted.

"I want to be the change." My blood shows I am. And I hope to the gods I am not the only one that wants this.


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