The Start of something*Edited*

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Attention Grammer Nazis! In the past when this book was first published I was in and out of the hospital, in late 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So even while going through my treatments and such I still managed to write, though half of it made little to no common sense what so ever. I found several comments on spelling errors from my tablet that I couldn't correct at the time this person I dubbed the Grammer Nazi. Now that I am making my return slowly I will still write, though I am in remission doesn't mean I need your Grammer Nazism telling me how to spell thank you very much.

Here is the next chapter edited for your reading pleasure and enjoy Thranny fanny's first Dub Smash and the only one of the 'Fairy Queen' of the Greenwood.


Feya was up and ready before the first dwarves began to stir from their slumber. Feya working fast in a kitchen, which you had to be with a hungry Super Soldier on the team, began making fast work of what was left after dinner the night before. Feya cubed up the remainder of the ham, cracked eggs, cut up fresh bell peppers and other picked right off the vine fresh veggies. She fried up some bacon and made fresh blackberry pancakes. 

The smell of cooking food wafting through the hobbit hole awaking all the occupants except Bilbo who still slept. She set a plate aside for him and put it in the cold oven. She made tea and coffee as well "You have a talent in the kitchen?" an elderly voice asked

"I have always been a bit of an artist in the kitchen Master Gandalf. It is because of Steve Rogers why I am so fast in the kitchen for a man who is 6'2 and weighs 266 pounds he eats as much as a Hobbit and Dwarf combined," she replied easily.

She gave Gandalf his plate and a cup of tea "Thank you, my dear." Gandalf said

"Your welcome Gandalf." she said as the hungry bright eyed and bushy tailed dwarves came in, "Grab and growl boys there is plenty." 

Thorin was the last to enter as she handed him his plate "Thank you Feya," Thorin said

"Your welcome, Thorin," she said.

Once everyone ate and cleaned their plates they began to pack up to leave "We will have to make a stop to get you better clothes." Thorin said

"No need I have something for the occasion a gift from Odin himself after I saved his wife from the Dark Elves during the convergence not too long ago," she said with a wave of her hand.

Thorin looked at her in shock "I thought mortals were not to step foot on Asgard." Dwalin asked

"They can if they are of Valkiery blood," she said.

Everyone went silent "Valkiery blood?" asked Kili

"My ancestor around 500 years before my time was a Valkiery, they say she died in battle protecting her lover's people." she said with a shrug, "She was a healer among the Valkiery." 

"She must have been something," Thorin said.

Feya shrugged and headed off to get changed.


Kili was in awe of Feya, she held presents when she walked into the room. She was kind and caring but can turn serious in moments. Her wolves came padding into the kitchen laying down near the stove. After a time Feya came back into the kitchen and what he saw was a goddess among them all.

 After a time Feya came back into the kitchen and what he saw was a goddess among them all

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