chapter 9.

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Amber's POV

im so dead.

"emily I can explain" I said as I tried to catch up to her.

"you promised amber! I clearly told you not to hang out with him!" she said, still walking in a fast pace.

"but why?"

"you just can't!"

"it's just for a project! I swear!" I said. She didn't respond but walked faster.

"what's your problem!? I can hang out with anyone I want to! you can't control me emily!" I yelled finally letting my anger take over me.

she stopped walking and turned around. She look hurt and.. confused?

"how can you say that amber! I'm your friend!"

"you are my friend but you can't control me!"

she kept her mouth shut and sighed.

"amber, I think it's time for me to tell you something." she said.

"tell me what?" I questioned. She looked around and said.

"we have to go somewhere more private"

"but why?"

"because it's personal and everytime I talk about it, I'll start to get emotional" she said.

"but what about harry? we're supposed to do a project together. I can't just leave him like that"

"so who's more important to you? me or harry?" she questioned coldly. I sighed and said.

"okay let's go."


"so, what's is it that you wanna tell me" I said as I sat down on her couch. She brought me to her house and I texted harry when I was in emily's car.

she sat next to me and took a deep breath.

"I want you to promise me that you won't tell anyone about this." she said with a serious look on her face. I nodded and she continued.

"it was a year ago, I was the biggest nerd and harry is this one popular guy. Me and harry are friends, close friends. We started dating and everything was perfectly fine. we go on dates and all those cheesy stuffs. We've been dating for 5 months until this one thing happened." she closed her eyes shut.

"you don't have to tell me if you really feel uncomfortable about it" I said

"no I want to tell you, I have to" she said and continued.

"it happened on a party, a birthday party. Harry invited me to Liam's birthday party and I gladly came. Everything was perfectly fine. Harry told me that he wants to talk to someone privately. I trusted him, so I let him.

The next day, people started giving me looks, some of them are looks of pity and some of them are disgust. It kept going on for weeks and finally I asked this one girl what happened and why are they giving me looks. I thought I did something wrong. She told me that this one girl named Sarah saw Harry and Roxy, who is the school's biggest slut and also my best friend kissing. It obviously broke my heart but me being stupid decided to not believe her. I spent days thinking about it and I didn't get any sleep. I didn't want to ask him about it because I was scared.

Later on, it was Christmas and Harry invited me to his apartment for a little christmas party with some other friends. I saw Roxy there with Harry and I keep forcing myself to think that they're only friends. Harry dissappeared in the middle of the party and I got really worried. I walk in to this one room and I saw Harry and Roxy making out.

He didn't even try to apologize to me. But he laughed at me instead. He told me that the only reason he date me is because he wants to get close to Roxy. I cried and didn't sleep for days. I stopped eating and became depressed for months." she said and wipe her tears. I didn't even notice that she's crying until she wiped her tears.

"I realised that crying and being depressed is pointless. So I decided to be strong again. I started wearing make up and use contact lenses instead of my big glasses. When school starts, I gain alot of friends and popularity. Now here I am. I don't want you to hang out with him because I know that he'll do the same thing to you." she said. I feel so bad for not listening to her. I can't believe that Harry would do that to her.

"come here" I said as I hug her tightly. She cried harder.

"uhm, emily can I ask you something?" I questioned

"yeah sure" she said wiping her tears.

"what about that Roxy girl you mentioned about. You told me that she's the biggest slut but is also your bestfriend." I said. she nodded.

"yeah she was my bestfriend. We both  grew up together. Our moms are close friends so whenever they want to meet up, they'll let Roxy stay at my house. We became friends and our moms decided to put us in the same school. Everything was fine and we're both nerds. But suddenly she wants to change. She started changing and boys seems to like her alot." she said, rolling her eyes as she said the last sentence. i sighed and said.

"im so sorry emily. i should've listened to you when you told me to stay away."

"it's fine" she said

"well, i think I should be going home. bye em" i said.

"do you need a ride?" she questioned.

"no it's fine, bye" i replied with a wave. i shut the door and walk my way back home.

i still can't believe what emily has to go through. i feel so bad for her.


i lay down in my bed still thinking about what Emily said. i tried to get some sleep but it's really hard. From the day i moved here, dramas starts to happen. i thought moving here will be my only one way to escape my past. But ashton and his friends being here is not helping. They're the reason why I'm suffering right now. The things they've done to me is really bad and hard to forget. I feel my eyelids getting heavier and so i drift off to sleep.


hope you guys enjoy this chapter :)

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