Chapter 1

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That face. That pale, white, daunting face. He laughs and smirks at me. His black cloak whips around his ankles and swishes behind him, dancing in the wind. There are trees surrounding me, the darkness hugging me close. The only light was the faint flicker from the moons rays trying to break through the trees canopy, but that light was enough to let me see his face. He raises his arm. I hear cackling and thuds coming from the right. I jerk my head towards the direction I heard the cackling to come face to face with a women. Her black frizzy hair falls by her pale profile. She is smirking at me. Her sharp nail traces may jaw line finishing at my lip. The ropes that are restraining me from running are cutting into my skin. I try to look away but I meet the eyes of him. The noseless monster. My breathing hitches in my throat. He is barley an inch away from me. Those emotionless grey eyes pierce through my own.

He chuckles and shakes his head, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a shame to waist something so pretty."  His voice is like nails on a chalk board. A shiver creeps up my spine. The monster retreats a few steps and shrugs his shoulders, "Oh well." With those words he lunges at me. The last thing I see is his eyes, big, emotionless and hungry for my blood.


I gasp and snap my eyes open. Sitting up in a hurry, I search my bedroom for any traces of the creature that was standing in front of me 3 seconds ago. My breathing is heavy and I am drenched in sweat. Thats another one. This has been happening ever since I have turned 18. Every morning since then, I have woken up at exactly 6:00 am drenched in sweat and breathing heavily after having nightmares of the pale noseless creature. I'm not exactly sure as to what is means but all I know is that this isn't normal.

I massage my temples trying to relax myself then take a quick glance at the clock. Yep, 6:00am. I lifted the sheet up and chucked it to the side letting the cool morning breeze wrap around my once warm legs. I through them over the edge and stand up. I make my way towards my ensuite hoping that a shower will help me wash away the memory of the dream.

I turn the water on hot. The sound of the water pitter pattering on the floor echoes through the room. I strip out of my pyjamas and chuck them to the side making a mental note to put them in the wash. I open the door and step in, the warm water soothing my tense muscles. I close my eyes and let my body relax in the hot cascading water.

Why me? What did I do to deserve these terrible nightmares? What does it all mean? Are other people having the same dreams? Are they sightings from the future? They better bloody not be other wise my life is going to suck. Questions come steaming through my head one after the other. I try to figure out the answers the one I'm being stuck on the most being, what does it mean?

I shake the thoughts away and reach down and grab my apple shampoo. Squirting a small portion into my hand, I rub the sweet smelling substance throughout the roots of my hair massaging my scalp. I finish off and begin with the conditioner. I begin to hum 'What do you mean ' by Justin Bieber. When I finish humming my song I'm finished in the shower. I turn the water off and step out. The cool air envelopes me as I reach for a towel.

I wrap the towel around my body and shuffle out of my ensuite towards my walk in wardrobe. I sort through all my summer gear and find a suitable outfit for school. I picked a white crop top with light blue floral print, my light blue high waisted skirt that goes to about mid thigh and my white hightop converse just to dress it down a bit. I put on my clothes then head back to my ensuite to do my hair and make up.

For my hair I plait the two front sections and pull them back into a pony tale leaving so it can dry naturally straight. I keep my make up simple only applying con sealer, mascara, lip stick and fill in them eyebrows.

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