Hogwarts was today.

I stood at the door, willing my hair to be blonde. I wasn't exactly sure why I wanted it blonde.

Soon, Peter, Sirius, James, Remus and Zahara came. I had my journalist uniform on, as well as Zahara. "Alright! To Kings Cross Station we go!" Mum cheers.


I feel tears well up in my eyes as the familiar feeling of hate begins to seep in. "Hey, you okay?" Remus asks with a sincere tone, taking my hand. "Yeah, I just have something in my eye' like a twig, you know, or a branch." I reply shakily, clearing my throat and wiping my right eye. "Well, whatever you say." He smiles, as the train steams. I follow him on board, quickly scribbling down all the details.

Zahara was copying my actions. Remus leads me into the compartment, which I instantly describe in full description. James, Sirius and Peter were already there. Remus sat down on my left, and Zee on my right. "Sooo." Sirius starts awkwardly, as the train moves. "Shh." Zee and I scold, both continuing our newspaper entry.

'The train is looked after extremely well, I cannot notice a single nick, scratch or burn anywhere on the object. Zahara Leanne and I are currently seated with our new friends, and my brother, in a large compartment in what I suppose is the Gryffindor section. All is well.

The writing of this will become quite hard considering schoolwork is about to be piled on me, ever since my parents decided I would attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Also because my friends will be expecting Zahara and I to be with them most of the time. But we won't forget our job of reporting the events happening this year.

I should probably stop writing now, considering I am a fourth year. Entry 1, complete.'

I Rip the page out of my book, and tap it. It disappears, already flying off towards the ministry.

"Could you be quiet, Some of us are trying to sit in peace!" An annoyed voice echoes throughout the compartment. I look up to see a redhead with green eyes. "Lily-Flower!" James grins, lighting up. She ignores him, and looks at Zee and I. "Why are you hanging out with Potter and his gang? He's annoying!" She looks at me with pity. I raise an eyebrow. "I am very sorry to interrupt your poor attempt of getting me to come sit with you, along with my friend, but I do think you'll find that 'Potter', is in fact, My twin brother. Emma Potter, pleasure." I reply with sass. Sirius was stifling laughter, James was too entranced with 'Lily's beauty.

She looks flabbergasted, but stutters out an answer soon enough. "L-Lily Evans... Sorry." She squeaks, dashing off. "Nasty girl." I mutter.

"NOO! LILY FLOWER!" James cried, chasing after her. "Oh my god.." I sigh, looking out the window.

There's all kinds of people wandering around in this horrific and destroyed world. There's the followers, wannabes, fakes, and heartless. I fit into the group of lost. I have no idea where I am, and honestly, our group is confused and scared, also the people who care.

But those are the best kind.


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