Hello I'm Lilly and I'm an orphan since birth. I have never had a mom or dad but who needs parents they just make you feel loved and help you through life. I love to sing and my favourite group to listen to is pentatonix.

The headmistress, every year on my birthday or the anniversary of when she found me she gets me the album they have released. But that can change when I get adopted if I get adopted not many couples want a 14 year old they all want baby's that they raise not a teen but that all changed on a cold winter day.

I went down to the park that was down the street to sing. Singing calms me I have a meet the family.

A meet the family is like pick a puppy the potential family's come and the headmistress will ask if the are planning to adopted a girl or a boy if that say girl she will tell them that they can come back at a time and meet the girls. All of the girls will get dressed up in the hope that today is our lucky day most of the time it's not my lucky day but this Family asked for teen girls so I'm in luck there is only five teen girls.

It was almost time for the meeting I stared my way back to the orphanage and up the stairs to my room I put on my nicest dress it was a sky blue with a lace shoulder and slipped on my black flats.

I ran down stairs and lined up on the last five steps so the head master can introduce us to the family when I herd a knock on the door. I almost screamed when I saw Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi standing there.

"Hello Mr Hoying and Mr Grassi" the head master said

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt one of you girls" Scott said.

I did as I always did when I meet a family a smile, one by one the head master introduced us I was the last one so I walked in with the headmistress and Scott and Mitch.

How it works is we all sit in this room it's like a den and any girls that catch Scott or Mitch's attention they would go and speak to them there are snacks and drinks it basically a mixer but at the end one of us may be leaving.

Scott and Mitch were much like the rest of us very Awkward and I don't blame them how do you start conversation with a girl that wants you to adopted her. Suddenly the headmistress came up to me she has always rooted for me to be the next to get adopted not because she doesn't like me but the opposite

"Hey Lilly aren't they two of the people from that band you like?"

"Yes why do you ask?"

"Because you have an advantage you know them and the rest don't so use that" I thought about it and when glanced over at the snacks and saw cake pops I walked over and grabbed two then walked over to Scott and Mitch

"Hello would you like a cake pop they are moist" I said starting a Conversation "yes I love moist cake pop hi I'm Scott and this is Mitch" Scott said extending his hand I reach and shook his hand.

"Hello I'm Lily I'm so glad to meet you I'm a fan of your work and how you have brought a-cappella back to the light"

"oh so you've heard of us"

"yes I love to listen to pentatonix and sup3rfruit is the highlight of my week but I only know you from your videos and would love to get to know more about you if I could"

"yes" he looked at Mitch Mitch gave him a nod " and we would love to get to know you as well" I sat down on the floor in front of them"ok do you like having a cat Mitch?"

"yes, Wyatt is a great addition to our family"Mitch replied "do you have any hobbies"Scott asked "yes some days I sit in here and sing and play that piano"I said pointing at the piano in the corner "but I'm not as good as you two especially Mitch" after talking for a few more minutes I said "you would most likely like to meet the other girl it's getting late and you have to chose if and who you're going to adopted" and with that I got up and extend my hand but Scott and Mitch pulled me in for a hug and walked to go sit over on the other side of the room.

I watch as Scott and Mitch talked to the other girls but there conversations didn't last as long as the one I have with them did as the evening drifted away the headmistress pulled Scott and Mitch away for a few minutes then told us to go to our rooms because we don't get to find out who gets adopted till the next day when they don't come to dinner and there room is cleared out so she will come and get us one at a time and tell us if we are going to have to pack our things or if we are staying.

One by one I heard the footsteps of the other girls walking down the hall then hear them walking back then the next girl till a girl knocked on my door and told me it was my turn the walk down the steps to the den I had done this so many times but this time the family was in the room with the headmaster

"Lilly I'm happy to tell you meet your new family" Scott and Mitch opened their arms and I ran into them and like the hug before this felt different then the times I hugged the other girls I think I felt love. I have a family now.

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