Rejects. Chapter 4.

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Chapter 4.
The escape.

Thomas was bored. At least he had started off pretending to be bored and then his room gradually got more boring as the many days progressed. His father had stripped his room from any way to communicate or escape. The windows had been barred and his computer had been confiscated along with his phone. All that was left were the books. Sitting in piles on his bookshelf, they sat there conveying the misery of Thomas.
But Thomas had not touched those books once as he had been thinking up plans. Plans that would get him to escape.
His bed still sat beside the window although his desk had been shifted further towards the door. This created a gap between the wall and the desk where he hid his secret bag. Thomas had collected together all of his items that could be of use to him when he escaped. Money, clothes and even a survival blanket sat in the small backpack.
Thomas heard his dad thumping up the stairs. Now was the time for his plan of escape. His father opened the door slightly and smoothly slid a tray carrying dinner onto Thomas's bedroom floor. 'Changed your mind boy?' His father asked.
Thomas said nothing. 'Right then.' Pete said. 'And you shouldn't worry about school, they think you've got a terrible illness. It could be very fatal that illness.'
Thomas was so startled by the malice in his voice he nearly wasn't able to speak the words that were critical to the plan. 'I need to go to the toilet dad.' Thomas complained.
'Well see what I care.' Pete retorted.
'I'll go on the floor.' Thomas warned.
His father cursed and thomas heard the key clink. He raced over to his desk and stuffed his escape bag, as he started calling it, down his top. He reached the door when his father reached his arm through the gap and pulled Thomas onto the landing Thomas blinked in the light and the light was filled with a spectacular view of his father's hairy massive nostrils .'No funny business, right boy.'
Thomas nodded. Pete dragged him into the bathroom and slammed the door. Peter waited outside. Thomas pulled the bag from out under his shirt and placed it on the floor. He then raided anything he could from under the sink and around the bathroom. He gathered  bandages and medicine. And the odd bit of change. It only took a few minutes but a few minutes were Thomas had.
His father banged on the door. 'You better be done because i'm coming in.'
He burst in the door and was caught by surprise when Thomas grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and swung him into the toilet. Pete landed on it and stared dazedly up at his son as Thomas closed the bathroom door and pulled a heavy chest in front of it.
He then ran down the stairs and was meet by a happy Lola. She bounded around him as Thomas grabbed food and money and anything else he could use. He took one long look at the bouncy dog and packed some dog food, her bowl and a few of her favourite socks. He ran out the front door with Lola on a lead beside him, just as the bathroom door flew open at the top of the landing. Pete bellowed as his fat legs took him down the stairs only to find his son had gone. He ran to the door , looked into the ever-falling darkness and worried about what the rest of The Circle would say.

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