nishinoya yuu | push up bras

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nishinoya yuu | push up bras
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"Wha! (F/n)-chan!" You heard your boyfriend call from the other side of your front door, you go to open it but soon attacked by the libero in a tight hug.

"Yuu! Stop!" You tried to pry him off, you were still sweaty from your previous run that you had done.

"Naw, why?" He pouted and you sighed and welcomed inside the quiet home.

"I just went for a run before, I'm still sweaty and gross, make yourself comfy; I'm gonna take a shower." you told him as you went to the bathroom.

Nishinoya sat himself down on the couch and sighed before realising something. When he hugged you, it seemed like you were giant against him, strange. Yes, you were slightly taller than the boy but when you hugged, his head wasn't situated against you shoulder like it usually is, his head was elevated more. His head was held up by...

"Gah!" He shrieked, covering his now red cheeks with a cushion as he thought about why his head was elevated, it was because of you breasts and it made him uneasy.

"Yuu, are you okay?!" Nishinoya heard you call from the bathroom which made his face flame up again. "I heard you scream."

"I-I'm fine!" Yuu shouted back as he tried to cool down, he was so embarrassed!

"I'll be out soon." you told him and continued your shower, wondering what on earth was wrong with Nishinoya that made him squeal like a girl?

You sighed as you placed your dirty sports bra in the hamper, you found them tiresome but it stopped your breasts from hurting after exercise and stopped them from bouncing up and practically knocking you out. You laughed at the thought and went to see your boyfriend.

"Hey, I'm done-Yuu, what are you doing?" You asked, hands on hips as you looked at the libero who was currently bashing his red face into a cushion.

"My goddess!" He shrieked as you sat beside him and wrapped an arm around his waist.

You giggled at his reaction, but you were slightly confused since Nishinoya was usually straight forward and less jumpy. "What's up? You're not yourself." His cheeks flamed up again as he eyes accidently went down to your chest and saw that they weren't as elevated as before. Unfortunately, you caught him staring.

"Urm, Yuu." you said and he quickly diverted his eyes. "Okay, tell me what's wrong right now! You were your usual self when you entered the house! Tell me, Noya!" You told your boyfriend who nodded before gulping down the lump that had occurred in his throat.

"(F/n)-chan, don't take offence but ugh...Urm...I noticed that, uh, your-" he stopped and looked at you and you nodded for him to continue. "thatyourbreastsweresupportingmyheadandtheyarentusuallythatbig!" He blurted out all in one go that you didn't understand a single word.

"Noya, slow down please." you told him.

"Okay okay, it's that your breasts were supporting my head and they aren't usually that big!" You full on laughed at him, he was so embarrassed!

"Gomensai!" He said, pushing his face into the crook of your neck as you kept laughing.

"Oh, Noya! Is that all?!" You said, trying to stop laughing at the embarrassed boy.

"Ugh, I'm sorry if I offended you!" He said, kissing your neck lightly.

"Yuu, I was wearing a sports bra! It stops my breasts from being uncomfortable, its basically a push up bra! That's why they were higher up then usual!" You chuckled and he laughed lightly.

"Gomen, (f/n)-chan." he whispered again, cuddling you as you smiled at him. "It doesn't matter to me either way, you're my beautiful goddess." he said, kissing you fully on the lips as you both laid on the couch, your bodies entangled.

"Plus, your breasts were like a pillow!"


That very next day at school, Nishinoya went and told the rest of the Karasuno volleyball team his discovery.

"Did you know about sports bras or push up bras?" He asked them and they shook their heads since they were simple minded teenage boys.

"They make breasts bigger!" He shouted and they watched on in astonishment. "(F/n)-chan wore one, it was like a warm pillow!" Hinata bounced up and down in excitement.

"Really, Nishinoya-senpai?!" Then you stalked in faster hearing their conversation.

"Nishinoya Yuu!"

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