hinata shoyō | fainting

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hinata shoyō | fainting
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"It may take time but things will get better"

You were watching the Karasuno boys volleyball team practice, it was always something you'd like to do but also because your crush was on the team, Kageyama. You admired him greatly and thought he was truly wonderful, his own personal fan and this boy also had feelings for you but...

It seems we have a shadow admirer, Hinata Shoyō. The auburn would always try his best when you came to watch the team, he would always try to show off and impress you but you were totally oblivious to his actions and focused on Kageyama.

Whilst daydreaming about the setter, you didn't realise that a volleyball was coming right at you and hurled right into the side of you head knocking you to the floor.

"Ah! (L/n)-San!" The voices shouted as they came to check if you were alright.

You stood up and rubbed your sore head, smiling at the boys as they sweat dropped. "I'm alright-" then you suddenly fainted but was caught in the arms of Daichi, the captain as he laid you carefully on the ground.

"Take them to the nurse!" Suga shouted and Asahi picked you up faintly before the whole team rushed you over to the nurses clinic, who was more than surprised when she had the boys volleyball team shouting at her about what happened and looking at you as you laid in Asahi's arms looking like you were painfully close to death but that wasn't the case.

"Calm down boys! Please lay them on the bed and let them rest, they doesn't need all of you yelling!" The nurse snapped and they all shuffled away from the woman who sighed at their antics.

"I advise for someone to stay with they until she wakes up, I have other students to tend to as well." The nurse told them and Hinata immediately shot his hand up.

"I will!"

"Alright then, please leave the rest of you." the team ran back to practice leaving the auburn boy to gawk at you, he honestly thought you were the most amazing person he'd ever known, you looked so angelic!

Of course, he wouldn't tell anyone else that and would keep it to himself but he was grateful for the little time he would spend with you.

Hinata took a seat beside you and watched you carefully, he could see your cheeks were flushed from the hit and he was partially to blame for it.

"Don't you get! They won't ever like you!" Kageyama hissed at the shorter boy, who glared right back at him.

"How can you say that? How would you know for sure?" Hinata asked, getting into the raven haired boys face.

"Because they always come to practice to watch ME! Not you, me!" Kageyama told him, pushing Shoyō harshly . "Anyway, I'm planning to confess to them after practice."

Hinata couldn't accept that. "You're too much of a tsundere!" He protested but Kageyama simply glared at him.

"At least I have the courage to talk to them! At least I get their attention!" With that, Hinata hurled a volleyball at Tobio but he ducked at the right time and it went sailing into the side of your head, making you fall to the ground.

"You dumbass!" Kageyama shouted as he ran over to help you while Hinata clenched his fists, tears threading to spill. Yes, he may have an extreme crush on you but being told that he was inferior to Tobio was worse.
End of Flashback

Hinata clenched his fists at the memory but he couldn't blame you, it wasn't your fault that you fell for Kageyama when Hinata was slowly having his heart broken.

"Ugh! What happened?" You groaned as you awoke with a massive headache.

"(F/n)-chan! Are you alright?!" Hinata gasped, bounding over to your side as you hissed.

"I'm fine, where are the others?" You asked, looking around the clinic.

"They went back to practice but I stayed." Hinata told you with a smile that reassured you.

"Arigatō, Shoyō-kun." He internally squealed at this.


After practice and you were sure to be alright, it was home time. Hinata was walking home until he noticed voices behind one of the walls outside of the school.

"(F-f/n)! I, ugh, have to tell you something!" Kageyama stammered, Hinata eavesdropped. "(L/n) (F/n), I have liked you for a long time, please be my significant other?!" He blurted out and Hinata's heart dropped, he dreaded your answer.

"Tobio-kun...." He heard you whisper. "Of course! I like you too!" He heard you squeal and that was when he ran off, tears running down his face because he knew that he failed at winning your heart. Hinata Shoyō had lost.

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