Close But Never Close Enough

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Julian's POV

I woke up not knowing how I got back home and comfortably in my bed. I felt a breeze all over myself, realising I was almost naked except for the boxers I was wearing. I lazily lifted my pounding head up to see a folded note on my night stand.

It read:
Julian, I doubt you remember much from last night. Things got a little out of hand and I let them. I had a class today so by the time you read this, I'll be gone.

Be good, Maya xo

My heart pounded as I read it for the millionth time in her fine writing. I childish thought, "we did IT." Even if I was too drunk to remember, it's the thought that counts. It is disappointing to not be able to reminisce about it, but it still happened. It happened.

"Are you guys done having sex", Albert yelled, pounding on my door.
"She's gone man", I smiled. I couldn't wipe this stupid grin off my face. Albert walked in, winking at me.

"Look at you."
"Dude...she's amazing."
"In bed?"
"In general."

He lightly slapped my cheek twice. "Good for you", he said. He reached over me to get my pack of cigarettes, handing me one and lighting both up.

"We should celebrate", Albert said.
"With what?"
He smirk,"I don't know, pot or some shit. Coke?" I laughed throw my nose. "That does sound nice but if I actually have another chance with Maya , I think I'll pass."
"Boooo, you suck man!" He joked as he walked out of my room.

I checked the time, maybe Maya was out and I could visit her. 11:00, only an hour to spare. I think I'll go buy her some flowers, she likes pressing them into her drawings.

I got up, stubbing the cig out and jumping into the shower. Afterwards, I rummaged through my drawers, deciding on a plain black shirt and jeans. I could clean up pretty well when I felt like it. I even made an effort to fix my hair a bit and sprayed some cologne. I was like a child, waiting for my parents to take me to the shop to get the toy I've been dying for and Maya was the precious toy.

I threw on my shoes and checked the amount of money I had in my wallet. 10 dollar bill and a couple of ones, not too bad.

"Hey, where are you going?" Not once did Albert look away from the tv while asking.
"I'm gonna see Maya." I grabbed the keys from the counter.
"Good luck man", he said. Good luck?
"Uh...thanks. See ya." I caught a glimpse of him waving his hand before I closed the door.

I walked down to the car and drove to the nearest flower shop. She wasn't a big fan of flowers, with the except of a few. She didn't like ones that bloomed too big, like roses or tulips. She liked the small bulbous ones that had "ugly" names, as she would say.

I bought her a bouquet of xeramthemums and a single rose that had a hint of burgundy. The colour was almost identical to the colour she wore on her lips.

I thanked the store clerk and went back to my car, off to Maya's.

Maya's POV

I blushed at the thought of the actions that were taken last night. Half of the time I was distracted by my daydreams, I hardly payed any attention in class. The last time I tuned into what the professor was saying, it wasn't important.

My class was cut of 10 minutes early and I did not hesitate to leave that hellish classroom. I always go on about how much I love uni, but it was just this one class. It was on this computer technology course, which taught you how to use programs, to do things like editing, on a computer. And it was a major pain in the ass but very relevant.

The minute I got home, I was stress free. Usually the words "I" and "stress free" don't go hand in hand, but today's a good day. Just as my mind was about to wander back to Julian, someone tapped my door.

I quietly groaned, pulling myself up to fetch the door. Julian held a small bouquet of white flowers with a rose in the middle. This bunch of flowers was very unusual, I loved it.

"Hi", I breathed out, almost like a swoon.
"Hey." He said it in the same swoon tone.
"These are really nice, one of my favourites. Let's get these in a vase." I said enthusiastically, holding them as Julian came in.

I looked for the only vase I owned and put them in there. When I turned around, Julian was leaning against my table watching me. He had a tiny smirk on his face.

My hands snaked up his torso to his shoulders. I lightly bit my lip, going on my tippy toes to kiss him.

He guided me over to the couch, not once breaking the kiss. We sat down, but I leaned back until my head was resting on the arm of the couch. He quickly reacted by hovering over me. I groaned into his mouth. Slowly but surely, Julian's lips stopped moving.

"What's wrong", I huffed. He bit the corner of his bottom lip before speaking.
"I wanna talk things out. We never really did that..."

He got off of me as I sat up. "So, what shall we discuss." I folded my hands together.
"I just wanted to give you some back story on....that one night." I looked at him as a sign for him to continue. He took a deep breath. "Weeeell, I obviously went out and got pissed. I didn't have a train of thought and before I knew it, it was me and some drunk girl in the back seat of her car. She was going for my pants and I just pieced my thoughts back together. I push her off and lied about how I was gay, because even if I was fucked up, I still thought about the possibility of you some how ever finding out from her. It was stupid. So after she kicked my ass out, I went to the bar to drink even more. From what I was told, the girl, who's name is Juliet by the way, forgot her purse back at the bar and went back to get it. When she got there, I was passed out. The owner was gonna dump me on the sidewalk outside the bar, but Juliet offered to take me home. I woke up the next morning on her couch puking my guts out in a bucket and thinking about how much of an ass I am. I also deeply regret getting mad at you for not telling me about your meds. It's your personal thing and in reality, I don't have a right to know." He breathes out, "That felt good to get off my chest."

Wow...what a story. "Oh and", he continues, "when I told her the truth and thanking her for letting me crash on her couch, she made me promise that I would stop treating you like shit and start respecting your decisions or she will track me down and kick my ass." He chuckled. "So yeah..."

"You still kinda cheated on my Jules", I said quietly. He scooted closer, placing his hands on my waist.
"I know, I'm fucking horrible." His perfect brown eyes focused on mine. He pulled me closer, kissing my temple before resting his head against mine.

My stomach fluttered. I could never really be mad at him. He started kissing my lips again, building up to vicious french kissing. I arched my back as he sucked and nibbled on my collar bone. I breathed in sharply when I felt his hand slip into my pants, rubbing me over the thin fabric of my panties.

"Julian...", I moaned, spreading my legs a bit. I felt the vibration of his moan against my neck.


Julian stopped for a second, but went back to his actions. He knew I was distracted. "Just ignore it baby, it's probably no one", he said into my neck. I tried to be into it but who ever was trying to reach me called again.

I sighed, pushing Julian off. "What if it's important? No one ever calls me back unless it's important." Julian shrugged his shoulders and was about to kiss my neck, but I got up and answered the phone.

"Maya", the voice on the other end was quivering. "'s your mom. You're brother...", she sighed, elongating to tell me. "He passed away."

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