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*Zayn's POV*

Me: I'm freaking the hell out. I have in at t-shirt. A fucking t-shirt. And I quiffed my hair up.

Niall: calm down. And don't want to make fun of you rn but you're about to go to school and I just got out! Ha.

Me: I'm freaking out Niall. I'm almost in front of the school.

Niall: it's okay Zayn, I promise. FaceTime when you can. You have your headphones right?

Me: like id go anywhere without them.

Niall: okay today should be a breeze. I'm sure of it. You'll do well.

I put my phone in my pocket and I walked in the school. I checked my reflection in my phone once more to see if my quiff looked okay. I walked in and found that the office wasn't far from the entrance. I waited there a while noticing the ladies behind the desk. I actually just stood there for a good 8 minutes before I realized she didn't notice I was here. Hopefully that's the case all day.

"Excuse me." I said and they all perked their head up.

"Oh I'm sorry." The woman said. "Didn't see you there."

"I'm the new transfer. Zayn Malik." I said.

"Oh yes I remember setting this up with your father." She said smiling. "Here's what you'll need: lock, gym lock, schedule, gym uniform, and student handbook." She said sitting it all I front of me.

"Thanks." I said and she went to sit back down.

I start stuffing things in my book at and then looked at my schedule. Since I took to long in the office I now realize I'm late for first period and really fuck my life right now. My schedule said 215 so I'm guessing 2nd floor? I went up the stairs and looked for the room. It was AP Literature.

I looked in through the small window and saw the classroom full of girls. fml. I knocked and everyone's attention was at the door. The teacher came to the door and cracked it. "You must be the new transfer." She said and I nodded.

I walked in the classroom and right away everyone's gaze was on me. I felt really uncomfortable. I walked to the back where it was this one lone table where no one was at. The teacher started discussing a new book they were going to read. I tried paying attention but every now and then people will take glances over.

"He's so hot" "What's his name?" "Do you see them tattoos" "He looks like perfection as a human" "I don't think he's a human. I think he's a god." "I want to hear his voice"

The whispers were no better. I've read books about having the hot transfer. Even the upperclassmen will know. I blame it on the t-shirt and lack of beanie.

I heard the bell ring and I put my stuff away and looked at my schedule. "Hi." I heard someone say.

I looked away from my schedule to see a girl with black hair. I gave her a small smile and walked past her and out the room. I looked for my next class and I took the stairs up to the third floor and looked for 308. I found it with ease and went in and sat in the back. Chemistry. A very hated subject for me. Mainly because the fucking periodic table. Like please strap me up and send me into the future for dear lord I'm ready for physics.

People piled in and the whispers began again. And for the people who hadn't noticed they soon did.

"Is that a new student I see?" The teacher asked.

Please stop. Please don't.

Once again I had everyone's attention. "How about you come up here and introduce yourself?" She said happily.

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