chapter 1: Natsu's dreamland

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The dream started like they usually do for me. A wide field full of grass, cherry blossom trees and orchid trees. The velvet soft angel feather like white petals and the sweet cotton candy pink petals fluttered down gently on the lazy wide, cascading down around me. But I actually quite hated the orchid trees they reminded me of my grandfather and they mad me itchy, but obviously not here since, after all it was a dream.

I walked over to the trees like I always do in the dream and sat quietly under a cherry blossom one. I raised my hand gently catching a soft, pink flower in my hand and crushed in, scattering it gently one the wind.

I leaned back against the trunk off the tree and started drifting off in my little dreamland. But I subconsciously felt him next to me. Just like I always did in the dream.

There he was. He was raised with me after his mother passed away. My mom one of her best friends took him in and raised him like her son, but I had never considered him as a brother. Because of these dark feelings I held onto.

The hazy figure I saw of him, Haru, and it was when he was around 14, the last time I saw him. He had lightly curled white-blonde hair cupping his face, and his blue green eyes, a little more one blue side, comparable to aquamarines. Other then that there wasn't much else you could see, after all it wasn't like a really figure it was very fuzzy.

I automatically reached out to him, I knew it wasn't a good idea but dream me was a complete idiot. As soon as my dream hand made contact with his dream face I started falling into a black pit. I fell into a familiar room, complete with sliding doors and the floor mats.

It was my grandfather's house and it was in the training room. A old suit of samurai armor was against the side red and cream color wall. Pictures of old Japan covered the walls along with swords, fans and even a Gold plated dragon. The back sliding door for the room was open to reveal the koi pond and the orchid trees he kept there alone with other things. And I was standing there only it wasn't me, me ot was I when I was about 10 and when my grandfather had decided I needed to learn kendo.

He sat there in a traditional kimono. The black and white hakama less up to a grey shirt. He had on his favorite black montsuki haori jacket with white printed flowers scattered on it. He was lightly sipping his green tea watching me closely. When ever I screwed up he would stand, take out a wooden rod and quickly snip me with it, being younger I would always hold back a whimper of pain and let tears build up in my eyes.

"Eyes forward, back straight, arms and legs steady " He would scream at me. Causing the younger me to quickly obey in fear of the wooden rod.

This would go on for hours, and finally my grandfather would get tired grumble out, "we are done here." and quickly walk out slamming the sliding door behind him.

My weak legs would give out causing me to fall to the floor. I would silently cry, getting tears and snot all over my training gear (yes I am a ugly cryer, who isn't?) But then haru would quickly sneak in like a little ninja, and pat my head. Causing me to look up into his beautiful aquamarine eyes. He smiled, and boy was it contagious, because I would always smile back.

My grandfather hated him, but because my mother wanted him to stay, he did.

This blonde beauty tried to be an older sibling to me. He had made bunches of sweets, always either sung me a song or told me a story for bed. He just did all the sibling like things. But I knew he would never be a older brother. Because of those shitty ass feelings I held on my heart.

This time Haru reached out and brought his hand to my shoulder, shaking it gently he opened his mouth and gently called, " Natsu~, Natsu ~, wake up."

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