Chapter 12

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"DONALD FEED OUR BABY!!!" Bob squawked, throwing a bottle of baby formula at Donald's head affectionately. Donald caught it because skills to pay the bills. Donald went to Yee Dino's room, which smelled of fresh dino piss. Donald threw up on the floor.

"Yee." Yee dino said, watching with amusement as Donald threw up because he secretly hated Donald's guts. Donald shoved the bottle in Yee Dino's mouth hole or whatever the fuck he uses to eat. Who knows, that kid probably eats through his nostrils or some shit. Yee Dino removed the bottle and chucked it out of the window. It then hit their annoying neighbor Bobby, who for some reason was just standing in his yard like a Sim.

"I moved here to be safe from this shit but lookie here." Bobby groaned, losing his sanity. He chucked the bottle back at the house which bounced like a trampoline and hit him in the head once again.

He staggered into the middle of the road from dizziness and suddenly yee Dino's special truck of food hit her with such force and much wow.


Donald just sighed, and went out there to go get Yee's stupid food.

The person driving the truck came out with a big ass box of the dinosaur's food. He didn't have a nose and looked paler than deez nuts.

"Are you an actual delivery guy?" Donald asked, recognizing the guy but not being able to put a finger on it.

"Sorry, but I must not tell lies." Was all the snake-like man said. He put the box in Donald's hands and went back to the delivery truck without a word.

Donald went back to the house quickly. There was no way he was going to get possessed or killed or some shit if that guy came back. He walked back inside the house and almost dropped the box.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS DOING?!?!" He shouted as he saw Yee Dino and Bob 420 Snoop Dogg blazing it in the living room. He tore the roll ups of weed from their mouths and stomped them into the carpet that smelled like dino piss even though Yee dino got there like 5 damn minutes ago.

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