Tears like Rainfall

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Like in a dream, things started to make sense but then they suddenly shift into confusion. Stormfire, Molecloud, Stealthheart, Birdclaw and Snowkit all felt the rain rush down their faces as they continued through hopping for safety, but to no prevail. Stormfire felt the urge to go back to the camp, he continued on going through the thick bushed until he came across a pile of stones with a tiny kit sleeping next to it. Snowkit, so peacefully sleeping, Stormfire decided not to wake him. Stealthheart wandered into the forest same as Birdclaw, and Molecloud. They all ended up in the same place, going one way but ending up here. Snowkit's eyes opened slowly.

"Snowkit?" Snowkit looked up seeing us surrounding him.

"Stormfire?" Stormfire's backed a bit after seeing Snowkit's eyes, they were no longer the same color, they were a red color. Tears formed in everyone's eyes. "I-" Snowkit was stopped, suddenly he couldn't speak, hear or talk. He tried yelling for help but nothing. Tears were streaming down Snowkit's eyes.

"Snowkit, all will be good in time." A ominous voice appeared. "Choose your four warriors Starclan, who will they be?"

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