hi, mysterious brown eyed girl

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As a child ive carried myself as a lady. A young woman. I've started and been a verbal artist. Painting a picture of a story called my life. I dreamed of being a princess in comformitory. Cinderella going to school. The only place to her. Shes ready to the world. Not to herself. A role model. I think that's what her family wanted. But she can't model right. A savior for the dammed at heart. A great friend. A lover for his life. A educated young lady. And a mother to his children... And more than anything a queen... A little mysterious but I've felt pain. Met the woman in black. And became her... To bad I can't fit the dress right... I think all clothes are a little much.. But being prissy is a servival technique. Thank the lord for a social hierarchy. My make up bag comes first. Then my relaxation. She's a lady in waiting, shouldnt she look the part? No one helps a jezabelle! No more pennies for the selfish. You don't know her tho. Shell give her last. She met her prince as a child which kept her strong. Not willing to be seen as the in innocent. She thought she gave her heart to someone safe, as she'd been mistreated. She ran away. Caught bad blood fever and worst. The ridicule of the names they called her. She bacame someTHING for somebody. Thought her parents would be proud of her waiting to finding a fine catch. She didn't find. As time went on she seen no one payed her attention. They see features of a woman and scorned her. She was his witness to god as planned. He decided not to save her. Hoped to be is best friend is all she hoped. But she became the best friend of the best friend. Forgot boyfriend was where she started. Always outside talking. They only needed to know we're in love... Now they know. There's no secrets. He tried turning her into a rogue but she wanted a wifes position. She knew something was up. How could boyfriend want her? She doesnt know. But it worked  she stayed in school. Proved herself even girlfriends be like "but she's smarter than that." She waited for him to grow up but as time went on he left her. He couldnt wait no longer and she's heard of his lovers. He came to her as if she was the one and switched game. Our little lovely dark skinned AfroLatin kingdom was invaded. destroyed and her temple is now being degraded. She has no one. Met the streets alone. Where is boyfriend?? She dreams of him and screams. He's nowhere to be found but in her memories.

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