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It was fall in Chicago.
It was the bulls great season! They were almost winning,until they were on an upcoming match......
They were on the field,but an player named mr."i don't know his name" looked at the crowd and saw the beautiful slut ever,but not just a slut,she was A SLUT.Thats right it was Mrs.Cartman Flashing her boobs at
Mr."i don't know his name".
After the long ass match,the players all went into the locker room to be gay as fuck....yeah.....
But Mr."I don't know his name" wasn't in the locker room,he was behind the stadium with Mrs.Cartman.....
"F*ck yeah do me harder!"
Said Mrs.Cartman
"Im trying bitch,yeah take it you slut"
Mr.IDKHN said
His enormous wang pushed in and pushed out,pushed in and pushed out.
She had the most gigantic d*ck inside of her.
After that he suggested that they should go to a hotel because it was more comfortable.
They bought a hotel to have sex all night.
They did it in any sex position you could imagine,they went on and on and on,but he didn't ejaculated in her vagina,because thats where babies come from kids,so please use protection.
Anyways,back to the story.There was only one position left and that involves the vagina,so they wanted to do it really badly,so he pushed it in and couldn't PULL OUT!

*9 months later*

"Push mam just push!" Said the doctor
She gave it another push and thus
Eric Cartman was born.......

The end

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