Chapter 2

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So Skye went to Kadies's.

"Kadie can you help pick out a dress"

Why asked Kadie

"Because I am going on a date with Chase"

"Ooohhh ok I think this dress" said Kadie

"Kadie I love the dress" said Skye

"Ok Skye lets get you cleaned"

Now to Chase 

"Ryder I asked Skye on a data and do you know were my tux is?" asked Chase

"Oh yeah its right were" said Ryder

"Wait how did you know that I need a tux?" Asked Chase

"Marsall, Rocky, and Rubble told me" explained Ryder

"Ok" said Chase

Now it was six 

Chase went to go pick up Skye

"Wow Skye you look amazing" said Chase

"You too" said Skye 

Both pups blushed

So the couple went to Mr. Porters 

"Hi Mr. Porter can we have a table please" asked Chase

"Yes you may" said Mr. Porter

So Mr. Porter took them to their table

"So what would you two lovebirds like" asked Mr. Porter

"We would like pasta please" asked Chase

So Mr. Porter brought them their food

Chase got the same piece of pasta and Chase and Skye kissed

Both of their reactions were like wow did this just happen

So after they ate they watched the sunset together 

After all of that Chase and Skye were a thing

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