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My heads chaotic.

There is no logic

To the words I say

And the actions I do everyday

How do I know?

Who is my foe?

I just continue to go to and fro

In my mind.

I'm feeling blind and left behind.

But they nevermind.

I'm awake at night,

Struggling to fight

The war within me,

So I can be better than he,

Who thinks he's better.

One day I'll send him a letter,

To tell him his mistake,

And that the ambitions I had were fake,

And that you should have never given me the name that makes me as delicate as a snowflake.

But for now,

Its 2am.

And all I say is "damn."

Listening to the music blaring,

My nostrils are flaring.

A tear rolls down my cheek,

And I feel far too meek.

And in the morning,

I'll sit at the table as the others are joining,

And I'll be smiling.

Even though I feel like dying.

It's 2am and I was having a hard time sleeping so I decided "why not just write a poem?!"


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