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A/N random mini fics from one of my Tumblr blogs


Dean never thought he'd see the day damn Castiel Novak was on his knees and sucking him off.

They'd been rival swimmers for so long he'd forgotten why it even started. Anyway, Cas lost his cool as Dean smugly looked in his direction at every opportunity and flaunted his body.

In anger, Cas backed him up against the lockers and kissed him hard - Dean half expecting a punch or a slap with it.
But instead he ended up having the best orgasm of his life so far with Cas looking up at him through vivid blue eyes and if he didn't have Dean's cock through those pretty lips Dean was sure he'd be wearing a smirk. Even as his cum slipped down his chin and caught on the boys eyelashes, Dean saw the satisfaction and playfulness.

Then it became a ritual as the weeks followed; the more Dean showed off, the harder Cas would suck him after.


Don't tell me you don't see Dean Winchester after a game, feeling grimy and in euphoria after the win and it's only him and the school photographer, Castiel Novak, left in the locker rooms.

He thinks he could get another win that night, so he seductively begins stripping right in front of Cas.

The photographer stops getting changed and stares open mouthed. His pants tighten and he feels the flutter of being turned on in his abdomen.

Dean sneaks a small look behind with a smile as Cas takes a photo of him. "Now are you going to join me or just spend the rest of the evening staring at me with that pretty little face of yours, Cas?"


(From pic)
cas and dean for the school swimming team going out and practice together and being really cute, kissing underwater and holding hands, supporting each other and when the day is over they splash water at each other and sit on the side, dipping their feet into cas' warm pool at sunset, the lock wet hands and lean on each other, sighing and then kissING PASSIONATELY BEFORE DEAN HAS TO GO HOME AND CAS' PARENTS RETURN AND MAKE THE MOST OF IT BY TONGUES SLICK IN EACH OTHERS MOUTHS AND THEN AMELIA NOVAK GETS HOME EARLY TO SEE HER SON WITH DEAN WINCHESTER


No but Dean quickly kissing Cas in this cold as fuck school while they wait to not be snowed in any more. Dean takes Cas somewhere private so they can actually talk and share warmth without the few students who stayed behind yesterday giving the best friends weird looks.

Dean finds the moments and couldn't hold it back anymore, not after all the stares and stolen glances at lips and blushes that wouldn't go away.

Cas leans into it a little, partially expecting it, but partially not. Dean's straight after all. Or was straight. His eyes remain closed for a moment after Dean pulls away only to open them to Dean's nervous grin. It's contagious, Cas begins smiling as well and then leads in for another kiss.


Cas whines as he slowly rolls his hips downward, gasping as a cold thumb traces his sharp hip bones and massaging his soft skin there. The other hand of his boyfriends is on his back and holding him as close as Cas is with him.

While Dean's slow and skilled tongue works on his hard nipple, Cas breathes heavily and tugs at Dean's hair lightly with both hands, keeping Dean at his chest.

Both men enjoy the relaxed, passionate love making they have on rare occasions, tonight happens to be one of them. It soothes their needs after rough to casual sex nothing makes them come harder than an hour of kissing and Dean fucking Cas with nice and long thrusts, whispering praises and love.

"I'm gonna come, Cas," Dean moans as he rocks up into Castiel a little harder this time. He can feel the clenching and contracting getting tighter on his pulsing cock, and he knows Cas is close too.

Cas dips down and captures Dean's lips, slipping his tongue through to his mouth and sucking, kissing, caressing so deeply and Dean's shivers beneath him. The shudder comes in a form of orgasm, his cock twitching as he spills into Cas.

That's all it takes for Cas to loose it too, milking Dean of his orgasm and his breath hitching into the now awkward kiss and his cum coats his fluttering tummy.

"Fuck," Cas sighs after they'd both come down.

Dean looks up to him through his lashes, bringing a hand up and wiping away a single tear that strayed down Castiel's cheek. "That was intense, baby. Maybe we should just watch a film tonight and cuddle up on the couch, okay?" Cas nods a little. "I'll go get the blankets while you freshen up a little."

Cas places a little kiss on Dean's nose and smiles adorably. "Okay, Dean."

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