3:56 PM 9/28/15

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me: whose decision was it to name the group 'squadddddd'

Samya: levi

Elena: levi

Ari: levi

Claire: ^^

Levi: :D

me: ok then

Claire: come to think of it

Claire: why levi

Claire: just why

Levi: we are the squad

Levi: that is all

Claire: um ok

Samya: soooo

Samya: what's up

Elena: we didn't have school today :D

Claire: shhhhhh

Claire: why not

Elena: bc its 'faculty meeting day'

Elena: whatever that is

Ari: omg lucky

Ari: today was horrible

Ari: i have so much hw and everyone else has like none and idk why

me: same, ari. same.

Elena: lmao

Claire: shhhhh

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