I let out a sigh as we got inside the elevator, I was more than ready for a three day nap. We had spent the whole day trekking through muddy sewers following a rumour of a demon sighting in the area. Turns out it was just a bloody dahak demon and apparently he wasn't too happy to see us.

So after an epic sewer fight let's just say we didn't exactly smell like roses. The entrance was most definitely covered in mud, no doubt maryse would have something to say about that. Finally the elevator opened up and I could take my much needed shower.


As much as I wanted to pass out, I knew had to go down to dinner. I went out into the hallway down to the weapons room where I guessed jace would be. I was a hundred percent sure he'd forget to eat if I didn't remind. Sure enough he was there throwing knifes. As I moved into the room he must of heard me as he quickly turned and flung a knife at my head.

It landed and embedded itself in the wall above my head. As he registered it was me he relaxed and that stupid cocky grin quickly made its way onto his face.

"What the bloody hell was that jace" I fumed, he threw a knife at my head was he crazy.

"I believe they call it a knife" he replies his grin growing by the second.

"Yeah well its going to be in your stomach if you don't shut up, so stopping throwing knifes around" i sneer back

Annoyed, i pulled the knife out of the wall and throw it back at him aiming for his head. Of course jace with his superhuman reflexes dodged it easily. Most of the time he annoyed me to no end, but im mean he was jace you just got use to the cocky attitude. Though I'll admit I do have the odd daydream about shoving him out a window, but none less he's still one of my best friends. How? Who the hell knows.

"Well aren't you feisty today?" He mocks

"Excuse me you threw at knife at my head" i reply extremely annoyed.

"Well i thought you were an intruder" he reasons with a smirk feigning innocence.

"An intruder yeah right I'm totally a freaking demon" i say sarcastically

"Well do look like one right now" he says cautiously as my face darkens.

"Whats that suppose to me" i say, rage growing by the second.

"Oh nothing love just you look like a big old ugly demon with that scowl on your face" he mocks laughing.

"Im going to kill you in your sleep i swear" I threaten and proceed to walk out.

I hope he forgets dinner now my do him some good to suffer a little. Could possibly bring down his ego, wait never mind thats impossible.

"Where are you going love i was having fun" jace calls out.

"Oh bite me" i say flipping him off.


As i headed towards the kitchen i smelt smoke and i was immediately filled with fear. Oh please don't tell me izzy is trying to cook again? No matter how many times she fails, izzy is determined one day she'll be able cook.

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