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Sorry again if you thought this was an update but since I haven't been as many reads as I wanted I'm going to delay uploads.Thank you to all those waiting for more but I'm busy with family and school (and getting senpai to notice me) so I WILL at least upload something every week to get you pumped for more ideas and conspiracies. I'm also going to make a book full of funny anime stories and jokes so to those who do read this'd and post a comment I will take any suggestions you have and I can work off some of them (only animates I've seen.Sorry to the SailorScouts/SoulEaters/ NarutoNinjas/Pokefans/others (I've seen an episode or two of Soul Eater and Pokemon)

List of animes I can use as material:
-Attack on Titan
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Ouran Highschool Host Club
-Black Butler(not the 2nd season)
-Tokyo Ghoul season 1
-DBZ( over 9000, super sayan, kamehameha, etc..)
-Devil is a Part Timer!
-Lucky Star
-Death Note
-Sword Art Online
-Avatar (not an actually anime but I watched all of it)
-Attack on Titan:Junior High (not aot)
This is for my new book

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