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And slowly every star fell from the sky, their brights lights shining out behind them, painting gold steaks on the sky.

Every person on Earth watched in awe and terror as the stars seemed to pour into one particular place, where a bright light filled the sky, and the first Moon Child was born.

Ne poked nirs head out from behind nirs asteroid, checking nirs little suit was still in place, and that the top hat had not fallen away.

Ne watched sadly as nirs best friend, the stars faded away, with whispers of goodbye Moon Child. A single tear fell from nirs face, and this tear fell all the way to the next asteroid, where a golden flower grew.

In awe, ne flew down and landed next to the flower, cupping it gently in nirs hands, as the flower formed the shape of a star and flew up into the sky, a star.

The Moon Child cried more tears, but tears of joy, each one growing into a flower the decorate the sky.

Every day, the Moon Child would fly around nirs garden in the sky, making more and more stars until all off these stars poured together and the second Moon Child was born.

Together, they would fly around the garden, hand in hand, planting more stars at night, and collecting them up in the morning.

The Earth People didn't know what these two were, calling them shooting stars, wishing upon them, and the Moon Children would make every wish into a new flower, until the sky was full, and the next Child was born.

Every week, a new child was born to the sky, and slowly they dispersed into the sky, too small to be seen, all except for one, who knew nirs duty.

The first Moon Child stayed every day to protect the earth from harm.

This is for my Neko, iNkY-iNSaNiTY

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