Worst day ever!

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Lupita pov.
Walking on in on the first day of 8th grade the morning had been hard all all ready. Everyone getting on my nerve.*pops in earphones* Oh my stomach is tied in knots *bump* HEY! Watch it! "Im so sorry I didn't see you.." *Says a girl with bleached hair. Looks orange and brassy she has a black bow in her hair and is wearing a blue and black shirt with some blue jeans.* Are you blind that you didn't see me!.  "No just that..."  Shut up! I don't what to hear it just leave before I punch you! ugh! I hate this school so many dumb kids come here all they care about is what there hair looks like. *rinnng* damm! Late for 1st period. *running upstairs, opened the door to room 12* OMG YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!...
"You late again! Really! Is there a day you are not late!" Says my teacher she is the meanest and most annoying person ever! Well ms.K you see..."I don't want to hear it just take a seat in the back!" But! "Go!"  Ughh I forgot my glasses and I can't see  what she was writing. *door opening* "CLASS! We have a new student joining us this year
This is Rayleen. Please take a seat in the seat in the back. " WOW HER! You have to be kidding me rn!

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