The joy of giving ... !

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Please dont mind the little mistakes and some illogical statements ... Its a poetry though ...

In the late afternoon during my meal ,
a stranger slammed my door .
He was all alone and said ,
' To my lonely life , you're the only shore .'

He wanted that piece of bread ,
but he could'nt say.
I ignored his innocent face ,
and swayed him away .

I have my family ,
my land and my money .
But that little hand
was crying for a penny .

With sweaty clothes ,
and an unclean face ,
the poor child ran
from place to place .

From a long time , that belly was hungry ,
to me it did not even bother .
To end up his thirst ,
he had no mother , no father .

In the evening when ,
I was having my ale ,
I saw that he
had begun to pale .

He still had a little
hope from me .
Which my eyes
weren't  ready to see .

I left the house ,
for I was in a hurry .
Neglecting the thirst ,
he wanted to burry .

At night when
I came back home ,
he was resting at my door
all alone .

He was staring at
a little mice ,
having a bowl
of rotten rice .

I got in the house
coz I was tired .
The feelings of the boy
were really fired .

After dinner ,
I came out with a plate ,
only to know that
I was too late .

"I killed him ",
my cruel heart said .
The innocent fellow ,
died for a bread .

Remember the last moment ,
you had your food .
And to a poor hand ,
you acted too rude .

We eat , we drink ,
we are never sad .
But the conditions of the poor
are really very bad .

If humans strive
for the joy of humanity ,
it will all be perfect ,
till eternity .

We behave too stingy ,
though we have everything .
Shell out some charity ,
for the true joy is ,
the joy of giving ...

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