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words are words//daniel fucking smith

an/ so i figured a bit of a time skip would be good, i didn't want to drag things out and for it to grow boring. hopefully this isn't confusing or anything

Classes started back up, meaning more lectures, as well as more homework. And tests. And stress. Along side this, I had football training and games, the tryouts had been held right before classes were back in session.

Though the stress level was high, Daniel and Ralph were my go to, reminding me to keep a level head.

Daniel. My closest companion. Someone I sometimes wish I could call my own. He had a grip on me, an impenetrable force, tugging on the stone cold heart in my chest. Something i could never say aloud.

He had decided to take his music to another level, with a lot of coaxing and encouragement from Ralph and I of course. It started with a small performance at my own occupation, him singing to about ten people.


"Come on Danny, there are only like eight people out there. Your going to walk out with eight new fans." I cooed, running my fingers through his hair.

"N-no I'm good. You and the apartment walls are the only fans I need." He muttered, replacing my hand with his own as he ruffled his unruly locks.

"Daniel Campbell Smith, listen to me. You've got this, okay? Your voice is beautiful, far too beautiful to be hidden away. Especially for only Ralph and boring old me to be the only ones listening. Now get off your ass and go sing."

His eyes searched my own, "it's going to be terrib-"

"Terrific!" I interjected, trying my best to give him a bright smile.

It took another good fifteen minutes to get him to perform, which included a lot of prep talk and a kiss on the cheek for good luck.

Something I didn't know would turn into a habit and tradition in the following years.

current day

He was making a name for himself you could say, and I was so proud of him. So so proud.

Despite the changes taking place, Daniel and I still found ourselves sitting on that bench late at night. Taking in the crisping weather while we  forced toxins into our lunges.


"Yeah Dan?"

"What do you plan on doing after uni?" He asked, looking over at me.

"Um, I'm not really sure. Hopefully do some traveling. I didn't take a gap year, but maybe after that I might find a j-" I started, searching my thoughts.

He cut me off, "I hope somewhere in your explanation I'm involved."

"You are Danny, trust me. You are."

The thought of having Dan around, the thought that he wanted to be, made my stomach flutter.

"Good, 'cause i already have you nestled in my half thought out plans. I would hate to change them." He mused, giving me a smile.

"Even when you become a rockstar traveling the world, just know I'm right along side you." I said, "Free tickets included."

He laughed at that, a throaty deep noise that made my chest tight as I released a few giggles as well.

"As if that'll happen," he countered, "but yes, if that ever happened you would be my number one fan. Besides my mum."

"I don't know, I think I might have your mum beat." I playfully jested, before giving his cheek a quick peck and pulling myself from the wooden bench.

"My apartment or yours?" He asked, following suit.

We had practically lived within each others apartments, for both big and small reasons. From just falling asleep watching movies or nightmares.

"Yours, I forgot to pay the bill so my heat is off." I reply. I don't let him know the real reason, that his apartment smells more like home than mine ever had.

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