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A young Ted Newton walks the streets of Chicago, though at the time my last name was Chester but something big happened that I will explain in a moment. My new life had begun, I stole, robbed,mugged, pickpocketed, I guess you can say I was an outlaw. This was no life for a 6 year old but its better than dying in the cold. My main goal was finding the criminal organization my parents were apart of. News spread quick and all I could gather up was two possible gangs, The Outlaws and the 9th Degree. Nothing concrete yet though. The money I made mugging people was barely enough to get me a loaf of bread. Just when I had all but given up hope two figures stood before me as I played by a wall in the sidewalk. A couple looking at me and talking to each other both young they were actually considering taking me in. I was a bit confused but the thought came to my head that if I could gain access to their house I can rob their crap. The woman grabbed my hand and sat me down in a limo. I had hit the jackpot. In minutes I was standing in front of a giant house. Just looking at it was total eye candy. The man opened the door with their key and my jaw dropped so hard I think it's still loose to this day. Expensive paintings, cream colored wall paper, it was a luxury. The woman then yelled out for a kid named Dillon and in seconds a short black haired kid was standing in front of me. A year older I recall him being, the woman who I will call mima was explaining to Dillon how I was found. It didn't seem like he was paying attention though. He probably was just excited he had company. He asked me if I wanted to play Nintendo. I had no idea what a Nintendo was but long story short, I now have a collection a video games. With all the food I ate and all the time I spent with these people I no longer have any intention of robbing them. To me they were family, they cared about me and dare I say, I loved them. Dillon is like a brother to me, my actual brother from another mother

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