Chapter 12: Circus of Talents

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Melody POV
I sat up. Why was I here? I remember that I was holding onto Tedros. Why was I in my bed? Is Tedros alright?

Suddenly, he came in, I smiled. I tried to talk but no sound came out. What was happening?
"Melody! Are you alright?" He asked.
I tried to talk but then remembered that I can talk with my mind to Agatha, Kiko and Maia.
Girls! Come quick! I said in my head.
One second later, they burst in thought the door.
"What is wrong?" They chimed.
I can't talk. I told them
"She can't talk." Agatha told Dovey and Tedros
"How do you know?" Tedros asked bewildered.
"Complicated but here is the main thing. We bonded our friendship and can talk in our minds." Kiko said plainly.
"It must be the kiss. It must have been more powerful than Sophie's spell" Dovey said.
"Would she get her voice back if I kiss her again?" Tedros asked.
"Maybe. We will leave you two alone" Dovey said.

They left and it was just Tedros and me. I looked into his sky-blue eyes, full of love and concern. I never felt more safe.

Tedros POV
I looked into her eyes. They were like sapphires, a darker version of mine, I realised. They were full of love and hope. I really hope this works. I leaned in and she did too. We kissed. It was so sweet to feel her soft lips on mine. Her sweet lemony breath was as sweet as ever.

Melody POV
I kissed him. We lingered there. I felt safe in his arms and to feel his minty breath upon mine. My heart fluttered and gave in completely to my Prince.

Then, a pink spell blasted by us. I jumped. Tedros held me closer and tighter.
"GET OFF HIM YOU PRINCE STEALER!!" a voice yelled. It was Sophie.
"I was never your prince!" He yelled. My gold finger raised, out the corner of my eye, I saw Tedros raise his equally gold finger.

Suddenly, Lady Lesso burst in with Maia, Chaddick, Kiko, Tristan, Agatha and Phillip.
"Get away from them!" Lesso yelled.
Sophie disappeared.
"Her cloak!" I yelled. "She had her snake-skin cloak on!"
Everyone looked to me. They closed the door.
Suddenly, Agatha fell but thankfully Phillip caught her. Then, the door flew open. I bolted it shut with my finger.

We heard a groan. I cautiously tiptoed to the door and felt with my foot. There was a body. I flung off the cloak and revealed a bloody Sophie. Scowling.
"I will kill you Melody, just you wait" she spat. Lesso dragged her to the Doom Room.

I clung to Tedros. Phillip took Agatha to the nurse.

One day later (Still Melody POV)
Today was the day!!! It was the Circus for Talents! We had taken some time preparing in the Groom Room. We all looked as stunning as ever.

We walked in last and boys gaped at us. I sat down next to Tedros and leaned against him. The people were called up by their numbers. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3 (me),2,1. I already knew my talent.

The tenth pair went, and Evil's candle blew out.

What I found that was truly amazing was Agatha's talent, which was granting wishes. She granted a fairy's wish which was to let everyone see the truth behind the fairies and wolves we did.

We all went and then, it was my turn. I called my violin, which burst in through the door. Yeah The School Master was 'very powerful' that alone seemed to impress everyone.

I played animal and Annalise flew through, making a hole in the wall in process and animals all rushed in. After the last one came, I played a tune and the hole was no more.

Everyone was amazed. No one had EVER gotten through the walls when they were locked let alone a stampede. They clapped loudly and Evil's candle blew out.

The next acts came and went but when it was Sophie's turn. She screamed. That was all she did. Then, she screamed a octave higher and ravens appeared out of nowhere and started killing all the fairies and wolves .

My ears hurt, but I stood up and played a tune on my violin. When I finished, there was a glittering golden shield over the schools and the guardians.

Sophie scowled and sat down. There was a moments silence when the crown was deciding. It finally landed on my head.

Sophie screamed. "THIS MEANS WAR MELODY!!!" the doors opened and teachers rushed in, ushering the students back.

Sophie, screamed so loud that the walls crumbled and the ground shook.

Author's Note
Sorry if it took so long to update. I was very busy. I hope u guys like.
Sorry if there its lots of mistakes.

Music Melody.

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